Abortion-a right or a choice?

What happens when people take the decisions of your life? When an unborn child is murdered before even stepping into this world? Who gave them the right to do so? Is it legal or illegal when a young girl is murdered with her unborn child by her parents? These questions triggerd in my mind while reading a recent story which took place in Telangana, where a 20-year old girl was murdered overnight by her parents because she refused for abortion. Digging deep into this story, I found out that the young girl was in love with a man from another caste and this was also a reason because of which her parents committed an unlawful crime by killing her overnight because her actions were against them. Earlier she agreed with her parents on aborting the child but later on she changed her mind and wanted to bring the baby in the world but she didn’t knew what misfortune was coming in her way and the poor child died even before opening his eyes. Who among us will be the one like her parents? Will try to commit this false crime? Or who among us will take a stand and support her and who all will fight with her? Stories like this revolve around the world where again the society plays a major role, not allowing the people to live and breath. According to the WHO, every year an estimated 40-50 million people who face unplanned pregnancy decide to have an abortion in the world. What a strange thing which is a tabu in some parts of the world where men cause women to be pregnant but it is the woman who alone bears the child and goes through a difficult period of pain and suffering. I am not only talking about teenage pregnancies but also about the mothers who face early pregnancy or about the mother who does not want to perceive. I am neither against the abortion nor standing with it, but as a girl I want the society to let the mother decide what she wants and not force her to kill the child because of various reasons.

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Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP)

Since the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act allows women to seek abortion as a part of reproductive rights and gender justice. This amendment places India on the top league of the countries where a woman can make individual choices from their perspective. In India, abortions are legal in certain situations, as for unmarried girls, rape victims and for married women with different reasons. There has been a decreasing rate in abortion since India made it illegal to detect the sex of the foetus. But there is a time limit given to the woman for getting an abortion done. A woman should always make sure to have a safe abortion procedure inorder to keep her body safe and always ask the doctor before getting it done.

Reasons why women get this done

1.Peer pressure, the biggest reason for a woman to get her child aborted. Where society never lets the woman live and allow to make her own decision which makes the abortion as the only solution. 2.Female Foeticide, which comes under peer pressure, where the society never lets a girl child to step into this world and gets her killed before her birth. 3.Rape victims and differently- abled.

Since this is a very vague and wide topic, I would like to end it here with a quote “Abortion is a part of being a mother and caring for children because part of her caring of her children is knowing when its not a good idea to bring them into the world”-Katha Pollitt.

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