“Do Psychological Halt -limit Our Actions” ?

It’s believed since centuries that whatever man things off, becomes the same. Thoughts and actions define the personality of a person and give a true definition of his/ her character. It has been often linked to the fact of psychology and how it has affected our day today life. Whatever man watches around, whatever happens around him do have an impact over his thoughts and definitely reflects in the actions. But why do we humans act according to our surroundings more these days, and instead of analyzing what actually needs to be done. There are various scenarios where even one needs to do a particular act but restricts himself from doing the same. 

There are various psychological theories reflecting such behaviour of humans, but today we will analyze a few of them and how we actually are a part of these. These are really famous research based theories and define han behavior in day to day life. To these are:

  1. The Abilene paradox
  2. The Spotlight Effect

So describing each one of these initially we would try to understand what Abilene paradox and Spotlight Effect are. 

So to make it simple to understand, “The Abilene paradox” is a scenario where everyone performs An activity or agrees with each other on some point of discussion which actually no one wants to. It usually explains agreement of people or number of individual but in reality they have some other opinions and views and in the fear of separation from the group, just agrees with one another. This act of human is generally focused out of individuals:

  1. Fear of separation from the group. 
  2. Thinking of what other will think about the person, that how dumb he/ she is.
  3. Sometimes to limit the scenario of conflict.

These often lead to a result, where no one actually wanted to reach individually but just out of fear of separation from the group, they all agreed to conclude at a general consensus. 

“The Spotlight Effect” has an effect on individual’s way of performing any task. The spotlight effect generally focuses as an effect which people usually visualize that everyone is watching them and noticing them. This effect usually has a greater impact on making any individual nervous whenever they are on stage, which they generally say as their stage fear. But as through the study and research in this field, it was acknowledged that other people usually pay less attention to others and the percentage is quite less, as compared to what the person thinks of it to be. It’s because other people are also under “The Spotlight Effect” and rather focusing on others, they have major focus on themselves being noticed. So whenever any individual feels nervous, he/ she may acknowledge this fact that they are just overthinking about their looks and performance and the other person is hardly concerned about it. 

So these psychological acts do affect our day to day activities and the way we perform, but what really matters is to step up for yourself and your views irrespective of what others may believe for the betterment. We all need to build  up the confidence to face the world without fear, and thus bring out the change we truly desire”.