Impact of technology on children

In modern day, children are surrounded by technology since childhood. Now children don’t play with toys but they play games in mobile phone. Parents also leave their children with mobile so that children don’t trouble them and parents can live their life peacefully.

This increasing trend of technology lead to a greater impact on children’s life. Technology also has some positive effects but negative effects are also not less.

Today, children are so busy in playing with phone and computer due to which they don’t spend anytime in playing outdoors with peers. Due to this they don’t exercise also which leads to their poor health. The cases of obesity in children increases a lot in this decade. As they always remain inside on their home and do not go outside so it leads to the lack of vitamin D because they don’t spend time in sunlight which leads to weakening of their bones. As they are busy with mobiles, children don’t able to exposed to activities like cycling and playing other games with their peers which leads to lowering of frequency of children to interact with their peers.

Using mobiles or laptops for the long time causes headache and eye irritation. According to research sleep is also disturb by blue light when children is exposed to screen time in the evening due to the suppression of hormone melatonin which regulates the sleepwake cycle.

If the child see a lot of TV or play game, it leads to a decrease of attention span time if children as they want something new everytime, due to which children are not able to pay attention in classroom, textbooks and any other work. Overuse of technology by children also lead to frustation and self doubt.

We know use of technology has many negative effects but it doesn’t mean that we totally exclude this from the life of thr children. Apart from many negative effects there are some positive effects too but there is a need to make some rules while using technology so that your child can take full benefit of it.

It is necessary to set limit of screen time for children and avoid using mobile and laptop before sleeping. Encourage your child to go outside and play with their friends. If they want to watch TV or play video games, encourage them to play games through which they can learn something meaningful. Always keep a check on what the child is watching. Never let the child to watch program which is more agressive, this leads to frustation and anger in child. Encourage them to watch TV shows related to dance or any other physical activity and ask thr children to perform by seeing the artist. This lead to the good physical activity and child also learn something new. Keep a watch that the distance between the screen and the child’s eye is not too less, it may cause weakening of the child’s eye.

Everything has some positive and some negative aspects, so technology has. So instead of isolating the child from all these in the fear of negative effects,it is necessary to keep a check on what the child is doing, together make rules so that your child get benefit with these technology and not have to bear negative effects.

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