Tips for monsoons plus this hot season

We are not very far from a full-fledged rainy season. And with the presence of this lockdown, we have started noticing just everything from a tiny organism that once upon a time did not exist to the beautiful peachy cloud caps. Now with the intermittent showers, we hope the lockdown will be lifted, hence citizens can feel the rain on their skin and enjoy every bit of this monsoon. 

Self care is meant to beat all the summer blues.


In case one of you is planning to confine themselves at their homes, watch Youtube DIY’s and imitate what your favourite YouTuber has in store. Today, I discovered soaking your sole inside the bucket of water with a cup of vinegar eliminates all the sole stress and dirt. 


Because of the lockdown most of the young women started noticing their skin with a microscope. This made them aware of their skin type and moved ahead to pamper their skin with the skincare products lying in the vanity for ages. 


Reading a book with a hot cup of brewed coffee is the best way to enjoy the monsoons with a shower view. 

Feed the strays 

Even the intermittent showers leave innocent street stray animals homeless and starving. In such trying times for them, you can feed the innocent animals and provide a shelter to protect them from the thunder and heavy showers.


Benefits of yoga always remain therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. Let out your spiritual self out in this breezy monsoons and feel the moist earth.

Paddle your gum boots in the wet gobbles and enjoy this monsoon with enthusiasm and laughter.

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