Protect Children Labor, Now More Than Ever .

Children around the world are regularly engaged in hazardous activities that affect their mental, physical, social or educational development. Every year World Day Against Child Labor Day is celebrated on 12 June to provide a growing and developing environment for children to live a dignified life. In 1919, the International Labor Organisation (ILO) was founded and in 2002″World Day against Child Labour” was established to abolish child labor.

Impact of COVID-19 on Children

World Day against Child Labor 2020 focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on child labor. The COVID-19 pandemic has a huge impact on Livelihoods of the labor market and children are often the first to suffer. The economic slowdown has forced millions of children to left their school and opt for minimal jobs to support their parents for the livelihood. This year, the World Day Against Child labor is being conducted as a virtual campaign and organized jointly with the Global March Against child labor and the International Partnership for Cooperation on Child labor in Agriculture.  

If children are provided with a suitable environment to enjoy their life, surely they will contribute to the economic and social growth of the countrySo stop child labor, protect the right of children, and support them.