Tips for a healthy monsoon

The most difficult season to maintain our lifestyles is the monsoon season. The city life is often triggered by hustle and bustle. Wheater we like it or not, the schedules during monsoons often turn erratic.

Here are some tips to maintain a healthy monsoon

Personal hygiene

This is the season when you need to take great care of yourself. Maintain personal hygiene and make that the first priority. Make an effort to keep things dry as additional moisture can attract more germs. This can slow down your immune system.


It is a fact that during the showers, people tend to feel less thirsty. Human bodies are made up of 90% water so the intake of water is essential during all the seasons. Water is the best source of eliminating all toxic wastes from the internal system, hence keeping our body healthy and skin fresh at all times.

Say no to street food

Avoid street foods during the monsoon as the food items sold on the roadside attract invisible and detrimental germs from the potholes.

Eat healthy

Make sure you have fresh fruits and vegetables daily in order to stay fit and healthy during this monsoon. Have boiled water as it reduces stomach infections.

Wear clean clothes

Make sure you follow a great hygiene routine and wear clean clothes. Wet clothes attract germs and bacteria on the skin.

Avoid going out

During the heavy showers, it is always perfect to stay indoors to follow good safety rules.

Have fun and enjoy 2020 monsoons. Always make your safety the first priority on the bucket list. Wear gumboots and raincoats to stay safe and sound.

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