How the current lockdown situation has impacted a student’s career.

As we know the global pandemic Covid-19 has caused a lot trouble to the world including the education system. Due to the lockdown the school’s and university’s are shut down until the further notice. This will have a large impact on a student’s career irrespective of his/her field. Many entrance tests and competitive university exams are also on hold. Not to forget that the 10th board exams are also cancelled in the state of Maharashtra.

Impact on a School student.

Let’s start from the students who were going to enter the school for the very first time, Yes the new admissions in the primary sector. Due to the pandemic their admission is also on hold and most probably will be cancelled as the parents won’t take any risk by sending their child to school in the time of crisis as a result the student would miss one crucial year of his/her life and would graduate a year later.

Talking about the students attending the classes from 1st-9th. This is a period where a student learns all sorts of social skills and sporty activities. The student learns to adapt to the environment and learns new skills and experiences difficulties on a regular basis. Due to the lockdown there is a pause in this process and would affect the student later on as they would have to start their journey all over again. The online classes won’t fulfill the gap as to what the students used to learn In the school’s. As there is no proper monitoring and no discipline whatsoever. This will cause a student lack of discipline, social skills and would tend to loose a alot of learning opportunities and competitive activities which are held in the school to enhance the potential of a student.

The higher secondary education students are at a greater risk, with the 10th class board exams getting cancelled and the students are getting promoted on the basis of their internal marks. The major disadvantage that the students will be facing is that they won’t be experiencing any board exams this year and would directly look face to face with the 12th board exam. The experience of writing a board exam is really essential for a candidate to understand the paper and the patern.

Impact on college students.

University’s and colleges are the place where a student learns and excels new platforms to enrich his experience and gain alot of working potential. Due to the pandemic there is a temporary stop on the semester and the examinations are kept on hold.

The freshers (First year students) who were keen to learn and adapt to the college environment will now have to wait till the next semester. The first year of college is really important as the student understands his/her responsibility and starts learning in a specific manner and bring a moderate change.

The major problems arises for the final year students, as the final exams approaching and Covid-19 still increasing day by day the students are in a state of fear. Assuming the examinations getting cancelled and the students are rewarded with their degree what would be the next step? As college placement won’t be in hand due to the pandemic and won’t be receiving any job offers from the corporate sector due to the current situation.


The pandemic and lockdown would eventually affect the student’s career by wasting some period of their golden time. It could also lead to certain unemployment for the graduates. The school going students and the college freshers can cope up with upcoming challenges, the major problem arises for the final year students.

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