Hello everyone, Today we are going to review about Science. I know some must be thinking I had written a film name, but this is not the topic I am going to discuss. I am going to explain, most weirdest science facts and the story that you will be surprised and also get shocked.

So as we all know what does Science mean, If we say in simple word Science is neither separate from the study of nature and behavior of natural things. Through Science, we discovered many wonders around our World. Science had also made our so easier to exist. So here we knew brief about Science.

So now comes how can Science have the most mysterious thing! In our world, some mysteries are there which we may know or may not know.

If we study about some weird stuff of Science, there are like spirits and also things which knock in the night. Have you ever heard about Evil twins? The evil twins are the sub-atomic particles as they have the potential to destroy us and everything we loved. So this can be a mystery of science.

Another weird person you might have heard that is “Little Green Man”. The Fermi Paradox, helps us know about the simple question was why the universe is so. He also won the noble prize in 1938.

So let’s, know some more facts about Science.

1. The Great Barrier:- The great barrier is the largest living formation of the earth, as it is around 2,000 km distant. It is interlinked with 3,000 reefs and 900 coral islands just underneath the surface of the coral sea.

2. Grasshopper who has their ears in bellies, as it is the most astonishing and grasshopper sound detector is like the human body known as Eardrum.

3. If you don’t have saliva we would never able to taste the food. The chemical which comes out from the food mix with saliva through which we can know the taste of food.

4. If we think we are alone in the whole galaxy it is wrong as only the milky way galaxies contain more than 100,000,000,000 stars so if there will be more galaxy than milky way so just think how many stars would have been there in other galaxies. Just think!

So those signified some interesting facts about science.

Do you most deadliest animals in the world? Yes, it’s Snail. You read correct snail is the most deadliest animal in the world, as snails can kill over 20,000 people in a year. The people who eat snail there is an unpleasant condition called schistosomiasis. Through the unpleasant smell, the snails kill the people. So those who eat snail you should stop eating or you should be careful!

So now science and technology had mixed which has a reflective effect on Individual activities. The relation between science and technology is likely to be assuming many aspects with new times. It depends on us how we are going to make science useful.

So I hope you all enjoyed my article on Science.

Let me know in the comment, what you all thing about Science, how also Science made you amazed in any way.

Thank You for reading the article and have a pleasant day.

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