Counterfeit Products:The latest Fad!

Product dupes/counterfeit products are doing the rounds in the market, they are available at cheap prices and are sold by squatters and illegal traders, they can be found at every other corner of the city and are even found online, they can be harmful to our health and many of us are obsessed with buying such products. Be it cosmetics, hand bags, watches or even clothes. An awareness surrounding this topic is necessary along with the precaution to stop the cycle of fake products in the market.

Cosmetic products

You can easily find thousands of bad quality dupes available online or in stores and they have the most disgusting and ghastly chemical used to make them, they can damage your skin cause irritations and even allergies. Just because they are available at a cheap prices we are lured into buying them. Be it nail polishes, lipsticks or even eye makeup. Most of them contain toxic resins, glues and even fake colours which can harm us.


Handbags and purses

They are found online and even in many tiny markets or flea markets, one can differentiate between a branded handbag and a fake handbag based on the quality of the leather or material or the straps and even the interior of the bag, even the sloppy stitching, the weight of the bag and the lock of the purse or bag can give one an idea about its brand.



Many of these small stores or markets sell fake shoes and there are many factories and business which mint a lot of money, the quality is quite bad and by the weight of the shoe and the shoelaces one can easily figure out if its fake or real, There are many online sites which actually sell fake shoes at whole sale prices and most of the markets in south Asia harbour this business along with the production of fake shoes.


This is one of the biggest market which mints a huge amount of money, and its present all over the world, even though people are aware about the fake products, they still go ahead and buy the fake clothing as it available at a cheap price and is in trend. Many of us really don’t need a reason to shop. By checking the stitching on the cloth/clothing products one can identify if it real or counterfeit, even the zipper of the real product be it a jacket or a pair of jeans should move easily. Mostly the buttons of the branded products would have the signature logo name or design on it. The fabric would be of a good quality.


Watches, goggles or sun glasses can also be counterfeit, it’s very important that one checks the durability of the product along with the warranty as well as the price and, in case of watches on one needs to check behind the dial to see the embossed logo and also to check the strap and the documents guaranteeing the originality, in case of sunglasses it better if bought from the brand store itself, if buying online one needs to be very cautious.

It’s mostly the road side sellers and other mini markets which tend to sell counterfeit products and even on online e-commerce sites one should check the reviews, the seller, the description of the product and also the number of buyers to be sure if its real or not. Hence one needs to be careful before buying products.

Abdhi Upadhyay

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