“Humans and Their Fight for Better Immunity”

A Healthy life and lifestyle is what every individual desires along with money and better close relationships. These are the key factors to live a happy and satisfied life and disbalance in any of the above leads humans to a stage of depression, stress and tension. Humans have been working since ages and have somewhat been able to maintain balance between all these, but surely all these three pillars of happy and pleasure life are surely connected to each other. As an old proverb comes to our mind that “health is wealth”, and surely is the element which every one wants to be better. If one is healthy enough, he would be able to work and earn better money and similarly have less stress and tension, thus would also maintain better relationships with close ones. 

Considering today’s scenario, the era of Pandemic Covid -19 , one needs to remain fit and healthy so as to fight back and eradicate the existence of this disease until it’s vaccine comes into action. But “which factor truly defines a healthy person and good Health”. Immunity, the factor which defines how a healthy any individual is based on his/ her own day to day activities including both diet as well as physical work efforts. Immunity is the element which is helping people to recover from this .So it surely explains the importance of strong immunity for any individual to be healthy. 

But human immunity has been observed to fall the scale from past few years in various parts of the world. This is surely due to an unbalanced lifestyle, more stress , tension and limited physical exercise. Man has made himself weak by also eating more of the junk food which definitely lacks the desired proteins and nutrients, and thus basic requirements due to which the body does suffer.

So we clearly understand the importance of immunity and how it has a key role to help us fight back, bacteria and other diseases. But the question which comes to mind is “How are we losing down on our immunity or why immunity levels are decreasing day by day in individuals”. So the reason for the same include:

  1. Lack of physical exercise – Exercise helps to reduce stress and releases various antibodies which are effective to fight these Diseases. 
  2. Junk foods
  3. Less water intake
  4. Consumption of excessive caffeine
  5. Smoking
  6. Excessive alcohol and drugs
  7. Consuming foods with Fat and sugar content
  8. Lack of inadequate sleep. 

These factors surely have an effect on our health and day to day activities and thus do affect our immune system and reduce it’s capabilities to fight back viruses, bacterias and other infections . 

Therefore one should definitely come up with the plans to fight back this issue letting to reduce the immunity of individuals by working on the elements they lack in daily activities. This could surely include:

  1. 1-2 hour of exercise and yoga
  2. Restricting To Eat oily and other junk food. 
  3. Consuming desired water content each day. 
  4. Reducing the content of caffeine in their drinks. 
  5. Stop smoking and it’s consumption
  6. Adequate sleep

We all know that health is surely the best and the most precious element which a human has and if he has it, then he could surely achieve heights and thus become successful. So in order to remain healthy one must focus on improving their immunity by boosting it with desired exercises and food and these small steps toward securing our own health, we would definitely make ourselves and also our surrounding healthy thus leasing to our neighborhood be stress free, relaxed and much happier”.