Language- A key to enter in another world

In a world with 195 countries and every country separated with a border consisting of various human kind, culture, race, caste, and speaking different languages,makes me realise how vast our world is and what makes us different from the other people living in a different country or state. Language is the only key which helps us to express our feelings, desires and queries to the world around us. A language is a way of communicating with the others and it is the only thing which describes who we are,it defines our lifestyle and our culture. Though we live in the same house sharing the same blood relation,we speak differently, our tone always differs. I have also experimented a new language Japanese and have explored multiple and hidden treasures of this language. While I was learning I realised that it is not only a difficult language to learn but it teaches you enormous things of living a new life, adapting their gestures, their culture and also gives you the advantage to experience a unique cuisine and makes you aware of the fascinating facts about Japanese culture.

Advantages of learning a foreign language

The advantages of learning foreign languages are mushrooming as the world is becoming increasingly globalized and learning a different language is a useful real world skill, hence you should make an effort to learn a foreign language, rather than becoming a couched potato.

1.Learning a new language will give you a new superhuman power and will give you the ability to step the ladder of success and embrace it’s knowledge.

2.Travelling will become easier. If you are travelling to a new country and it is difficult to navigate a place or to understand somethings, language will work as a tour guide for you because without the right lingo, you are limited to expensive or slower options.So you can save sometime, money and can travel easily.

3.Foreign language opens up a world to multiple opportunities but because of our dearly guest Corona Virus, it is difficult for us to find a job, but with the help of learning a foreign language it becomes easier for us to get job offers and we can also help in the teaching sector and the domestic sector.

4.Learning a foreign language helps you understand and respect your own language and culture this the most unexpected fact about learning a language.Just like we give much importance to English and in order of learning an speaking English, there is no existence of Hindi our own mother tongue, in our lives.

5.We can also interact with the others and make new friends.It helps us to express our feelings, desires and connect with other humans like us and form a relationship.Plus, speaking in a foreign tongue can be like speaking in a code language with your buddy.