Life after corona…

In amidst this global pandemic,life has become very harsh for many poor and middle class people. This lockdown has also locked the earnings making them struggle everyday to meet their daily needs. The biggest question of the hour has turned out to be”when will this pandemic meet an end?”.But it is necessary that we must focus on life after corona.

This corona virus has taught us many things ,it has helped in integration of people not only in the country but also worldwide. This virus has taught us that discrimination of people on basis of caste,religion,region has no sense. It has also became agent of mother earth wherein it brought the pollution levels significantly down all over the world. 

It is clear indication that we must start using non-conventional energy sources after this crisis. It is clear that we must understand that humanity is the only religion and serving needy is next to serving god. 

We should maintain social distancing at least for following year and help needy. If we all stand United and act wisely we will surely be victorious in this situation and once again we can live that golden days enjoying railway rides, shouting for our favourite team in stadiums and the birds chirping in the forest without our intervention, but for now we must stay home stay safe.