Revisiting history of phones

From plants to tress and animal to men all, species communicate in their all manner and style. We as a human are capable of spoken language. Effective communication compromises of technology since its start in primitive times as communication is essential for variety of reasons. Human as a society use communication to inform, educate, entertain, inspire, establish power, buff and control the ambience around.


Communication is a way to imparting and exchanging information and messages. Communication is of two types and the important one is verbal communication that helped us in developing as a society.  It is not hard to imagine about the kind of life without any means of verbal communication.  Simply, non-progressive is what comes to the mind. However non-verbal communication has been the oldest mode of communication and exited before written and verbal but we couldn’t have achieved advancement with non-verbal.

Various mode

Advancement of communication did not happened in a day.  From nonverbal to verbal, it’s been long and hectic journey to form a developed civilization. One can imagine a world with no verbal communication in it.  One can’t even think about it.  Communication has mostly done a good for human existence’s and assisted it in good ways, often.  Communication has always exited in different forms. And it was only be possible through verbal communication as it gives human a chance to express and connect. It is such an important element of human survival and business success.  From print to electronic and to wireless mode, communication has witnessed a gradual change with passing time.  Many of these methods that are also called the initial stage to communicate were a unsystematic form of sign and symbols.  And it took around 3 million years to communicate in an intentional and manufactured format.  Among all the sets of language at their primitive stage, the most well-known is the painting being painted on cave walls by using fruits and animal bloods. Homo sapiens used to communicate to each and send signals through these paintings. This can be considered as the baby stepping in the world of communication.

Mode of communication


 Johann Gutenberg is the man behind the invention of printing press in 1448. Technology utilized was a vision for a device that would utilize movable type using blocks with pre-printed text. Success of this vision allowed printing of books to be mass-produced and with effective cost cutting as well. Invention of printing press took the world with printing of pamphlet, books, magazine and the newspaper.


People desire to progress quick and accurately lead to invention of electronic mode of communication.  Radio is another powerful and popular mode of communication. It was a new and portable form of communication and entertainment. It began to serve as communication with short wave length during First World War that turned as the hottest technology for communication and was invented in 1920s.


Termed as an idiot box, television was invented in 1939. With both audio and video, it gained popularity in no time. It can educate, entertain or inform audiences worldwide. With discovery of satellite, television has made world a global village. it now easy to get and witness information and happenings of one place sitting in another corner of the world. Technology of TV sends electronic transmissions that evident themselves on receiving devices as either sound or video in it. . There are many mode of communication that we use to connect with people around. It

Telephone to cell phone

In 1876, Alexander Bell, invented telephone by transmitting vibration through air and received the same vibration in another place. It was transmission of sound and pitch through a wire. bel applied the same concept as it is composed of many complex sound vibrations.

Michael Faraday wanted to check if space could conduct electricity and invented the first portable handset. Now cell phones have become an integral part of our life. It has become hard to think of existence without cell phones.

Communication simply is a technology that is essential to create social sense of cohesion. People have used the communication and technology to develop the society making it a global, village. Every day, new invention in the field of communication is enhancing behavior of mankind in different ways. Communication has morphed into an endless variety of ways to express oneself to other humans