Tricks for Petite girls to look taller

After a certain age our growth plates become inactive(close) and height stop increasing .It’s no secret that girls stop growing before boys .According to fashion industry the women who is 5’3 or below comes under petite.Average height of women in India is approximately 5 feet which means most of the women comes under petite frame . Victoria Beckham and Scarlett johansson all fall under 5’4.All these ladies add few inches to their height using some smart styling tricks.That you might not have noticed .Unluckily ,we can’t add up few inches to our height but we can create a illusion of being tall using these tips and tricks .

Well fitted Clothes

Well fitted clothes always seem to make a difference . You can make your clothes stitched by the tailor ,so that it fits accordingly to the shape and size of your body.

High waisted jeans and crop tops

High waisted jeans and crop top makes your legs look longer and makes your torso comparatively shorter.It doesn’t divide your body in equal halves thus create a illusion of height. You can even tuck your upper wear or knot your t -shirt to wear it as a crop top.


Wearing same colored outfit from top to bottom will not divide your body and eventually makes you look taller .Since a one solid colored outfit makes a illusion oh height.

Vertical stripes

Be it any clothing piece vertical stripes print are most suitable print for short girls as it make you appear longer.Do not go for horizontal stripes.Vertical stripes makes an illusion of making someone look taller and slimmer.

Long straight Kurtis

Especially for Indian wear one can go for long straight Kurtis and above all opt for Kurtis of ankle length .Short girls should not opt for short length Kurtis, as it makes them look shorter.Solid color and minimalist work really good since it lengthen the frame and makes you appear long .

Nude Shoes and Pointed shoes

Heels are preferred by petite women over an ages.But while wearing a heels one can always look for pointed shoes it makes you look taller and Secondly ,you can opt for low vamp Shoes it exposes skin and eventually make you look taller .One can opt for nude shoes and see through shoes too as it visually extent your legs .It evidently makes a lot of difference .All these element create an illusion of a long height .Even in case of flat one should opt for pointed shoes.

Small bags

Petite Women always opt for small or medium size bag . Never blown away by a stylish large bag, eventually it makes you look shorter than you are.The most suitable option for petite girls is cute small bags.

Good posture

Good posture can always add up few inches to your height .Good posture doesn’t only make you taller and slimmer but also improves various health related problems improve breathing , eliminate back pain .Good posture make you look more confident .You can improve your posture by exercising.Some exercise to improve posture are Child’s pose,Forward fold,Cat cow,Standing cat cow. It is one of the most important aspect to look taller .

I’m 5’2.These tricks work magical .Since we all know we short girls have to choose are clothes carefully and a wrong outfit can easily makes us look shorter and we all love to enhance our personality by illuminating our height.

Let me know if you have any other suggestion in the comment below and have a wonderful day.