Keepers of the Dead

My mother always tells me about the devils and the angles, about the good and the bad people, about how we should do good deeds and always walk on the right path. Since, I have heard endless stories about ruthless people, about how has the world become so selfless and mean, staying in their comfort zones, not at all concerned about the outer world and sitting happily and scrolling feeds on Instagram, this signifies that instead of caring about each other, we just want to think about ourselves, about our money and other stuff, but recently I came across a story about the superhumans who are helping the needy people and helping them to attain peace.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Seva Dal, an NGO in Delhi which is working as the guardians of the earth and performing the last rites of many who have no one else to do so with their own hands. This is not something which everyone can do, it needs guts to perform such tasks during this time of pain and suffering. They have also been distributing masks and food to the needy throughout the day and night.

New Delhi: NGO conducts 'Langar Sewa' for workers of quarantine ...

In a place like Delhi, where people spend crores on marriages, there are some people who don’t have the right to die in peace, with a proper cremation or a burial, says Jitendra Singh Shunty, who founded the NGO in 1996.

Many people and NGO’s have come up to help the needy during this lockdown period, they have lend a helping hand and worked as saviors for these poor people who have lost all hope to live happily, but there are some who follow the wrong path, who have still not understood that this is the time where we have to unite together and help each other, they should not care about their wealth and life because one day we all have to leave this earth and rest in peace. So in order to rest in peace we should let others rest in peace. People like Jitendra Singh are doing a remarkable job. It is not easy to stand for others during this crisis. These self-sacrificing people also deserve praise, but unfortunately not many people know about this because media is busy covering useless topics. They are busy disturbing people who are in extreme agony.

Helping others is the way we help ourselves- Oprah Winfrey