Education can be defined as the process which facilitates learning, gaining of knowledge, values, habits, etc. This process can take place in formal or informal settings. The main aim of education is to give out the skilled students. But nowadays certificates and degrees are given equal importance corresponding to skilled education. Hence the present generation students are marching towards certificates and degrees than education which provides skills.
Skilled education is always powerful because it provides the best knowledge to students. Skilled education can also be named as vocational training, carrer education and technical training. It always prepare the students to get job that are based on manual or practical activities, in which the students participate. This education can be at the secondary position. Skilled education is recognised in terms of recognition of prior learning and partial academic credit towards the next step of education. However the labor market becomes more specialized and economics demand higher levels of skill, the level of education should be increased.
Degrees or certificates are the documentation of the skill within an individual. This certificate/degree will never judge an individual that whether he/she is skilled or not. Similarly, the skilled students may not manage to attain the degree. Degree can be defined as the authenticate certificate that the person applying for the post is having the knowledge of the work requirement and has the ability to manage the functioning and justify the post. The degree always makes a person more confident in their approach and outlook. It always makes the person more polite, humble and wiser.
The certificates which are earned by the students is the recognition for their participation in the particular event. The certificates earned by the individual increases the chance of being reputed/hired. But those certificates will never assure that the individual is skilled in several domains which the certification courses have taught. They can be considered as the record of the learner that he/she have attended a particular course.
While comparing the skilled education and degree/certificates, the company which recruits always gives equal importance for both. They always notices the skills which are present inside them and also evaluate them based on their degree and certificates gained. Hence it is important for an individual to gain skill and also the degree, certificates. But the main concept which lies between this comparison is the primary part which is required by an individual is skill. By using those skills, the learner can gain the degree and certificates in several domains.
By the above discussion, we can conclude that, the good skills gained by the learner can take them to great position in several companies. Hence the main requirement for being reputed is growing the skills and learn more and more. Inorder to become a good learner, everyone should follow themselves and their teachers. While learning, they should always keep in mind about 2 main things. They are:

1. Ego

2. Trust

Ego can be defined as the mentality of students of selecting the concept which they already know. Trust is the one which provides knowledge to the individual about certain unknown concepts.

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We can conclude that gaining skills or certificates always lies in the hand of the students. When they are much more interested in gaining skills then they can easily get certificates by their knowledge.

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