A last letter to SSR

I never thought I would be writing this but today I am forced to do this because I can’t hold back my emotions any longer.

It has been more than three days since the news of your demise came out but still I’m not able to get over it and I don’t know why the death of a person whom I have just seen on the screen is affecting me so much or may be it’s affecting everyone who ever admired your performance and personality. To be honest I have never been a staunch fan of any actor but your death has disturbed me beyond words. Your acting was no doubt one of the finest acting I have ever seen. Your realistic portrayal of the character in the front of the camera was a treat to watch but look at the irony that we will never see that cheerful face on the big screen again. The characters you portrayed never looked like the character but always like you yourself was the character. Whether it be Ishaan from Kai Po Che, Dhoni from M.S Dhoni, Anni from Chichhore , Sarfaraz from P.K, Lakhna from Sonchiriya, Raghu from Suddha Desi Romance, Mansoor Khan from Kedarnath, Jillian and Shiv from Raabta, Samar from Drive and Byomkesh from Byomkesh Bakshi your performance never failed to mesmerise your viewers.

No one would have even imagined that a person with such an infectious smile was going through such deep shit and was forced to take the drastic step of ending his life on such a sad note. It’s hard to believe that people around you didn’t paid attention to the huge behaviour difference you were showing in the last six months or may be they have noticed and they have just ignored it but now when you are gone they are feeling guilty. I want to ask such people why feel guilty why huh when he needed you the most you didn’t came to help him but now when he is not there you are showing fake sympathy towards him.

Is this world that level selfish and hypocrite that they can’t help you out when you are alive but pray for your soul when you depart for heaven. I feel the phrase that says that it takes your life for the world to notice you. As long as you are alive people will not give a damn about you and as soon as you die they will start recognising that you existed.

I know the world including me as well is extremely egocentric but your life was much precious than that, you should have trusted at least a single person to tell what all you have going through. My heart aches when I write that you preferred dying over living because you didn’t find even a single human being on earth reliable enough to understand your suffering.

I understand that you didn’t received the massive acknowledgement which you deserved from the audience, and as a audience I would like to apologise for that because in the era filled with nepotism and favouritism a guy from a non filmy background with no godfather in the film industry carved a niche for himself just with his hard work and perseverance.
You always fought for the things that you really wanted in life so why you gave up this time . You left the battle in between, I didn’t expected this from a fighter like you, you would have been a clear winner if you would have fought this battle with depression. You would have told stories about how you fought with depression, that there is nothing to panic about but you didn’t do that you chose death over life instead. Not done SSR not done.

It was because of you so many young artists got inspired, it was because of you so many people got the opportunity to pursue their dreams. You gave people strength and courage to fight for their dreams, you taught them that a person who dares to dream can achieve them and no matter what your background is with ultimate will and perseverance you can achieve big things. Your journey from Patna to Mumbai was an inspirational story for many and all of a sudden you left all, you didn’t thought about that if you will die many people won’t be able to fulfil their dreams as they will get demotivated. Many parents will not allow their children to go in film industry many will force their children to leave what that they like and join other profession as one would want their child to die and they will cite your death as an example.

It was because of you so many got the opportunity to live their dreams and it will be because of you so many will be denied of that opportunity and I’m sure you must be feeling very bad after knowing this.

You underestimated your worth it was much more than your assessment . This swallow world didn’t gave you anything in return except pain and suffering. You deserve a life much better than this and I wish and pray that you get one soon where you and your talents get appreciation as much they deserve.

Your fans love you and always will

Much Love ❤

See you on the other side

A staunch fan of your’s

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