How to find whether a website is fake or genuine

There are over 1.74 billion website on net today .Unfortunately,the internet is full of fake websites also .The evolution in the internet have make convenient to shop ,bank and interact with people all around the globe .But it has also open the ways for Cyber crime. Criminals through a practice called phishing, fraudsters copy a legitimate site and bait customers to provide them personal information.For instance -Debit or credit card numbers,Passport Number.Once customer provide them data they can make use of it to buy and to transfer money which eventually lead to loss of all the money in your bank account.

It can be difficult to detect whether a site is fake or scam sites .Fraudsters are very clever and create a very convincing sites and these phishing sites tend to look original .Criminals can easily target the customers who doesn’t pay attention to small details and trick them easily into provide them sensitive information .

Here are some signs through which one can determine whether a website is fake or genuine .

Ask yourself how you reach here ?

First and foremost ask yourself a question how you get to the site .Through link on email or social media sites.Reason being emails or social media sites are the most effective way criminals used to track customers .Never click on the link given instead simply google it.

Review the result

While visiting the site make sure firstly to read someone reviews about the site on quora or similar forums.Do not trust on the reviews so easily .Go through several forums and even explore their last activities on social media handles . One can also read customers feedback and check the website connection type .A https is a more secured sites rather than site having http designation.Hence ,more trustworthy .This is because most of the fake sites do not go through the process of having https connection type.But we should not rely on this only we should verify it further.

Inspect domain name

A lot of illegitimate websites use domain name as the reference to brand name .But it’s not brands officially site .It’s red signal that something is fishy.AdiDas etc.

Usually most of the shopping site don’t use .org or .biz domain extensions .Be cautious it might be a fake site.

Low prices

Sites offer sometime good discount , if you find that a site is having very low prices with heavy discount more than 50-70%.

Illegitimate sites use heavy discount as a bait for hungry shoppers. Be alert.

Spelling or Grammar mistake

Search for spelling or grammar mistake .Every browser have in built spelling checker and thus there can’t be any justification for spelling mistake.It the website has lot of grammatical mistake .This can be only happen when someone has in hurry built a site to trap the people in intention of making quick profit.

Opt only for secure payments option

Pay only through safe refundable payment option such as credit card or paytm.It’s a red signal if shopping website accept pay via bank transfer.Never opt for non -refundable payment option .

Google safe browsing

Google Safe Browsing is a service offered by Google’s security team built to identify illegitimate websites across the web and tell users of potential harm. They reveal details about the threats they detect and the warnings they show to users.

As the cyber crime reportedly is increasing .Be alert and go through the details of site carefully .

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