If you are wondering what is  koffie, it is actually the previous name of the drink which is most consumed in world that is coffee. Before making its debut to the english people the dutch called the drink koffie. Discovery of this amazing drink was actually by an accident, In Ethiopia a goatherd found that his goats became strangely energetic after eating berries from a specific tree. It is also said that a person in Yemen when chewed these berries he found  these very much bitter, then he tried roasting the seeds so that it tastes better but it became hard and then he boiled it in water so as to soften it. This developed a brown liquid which had a very good smell. As he drank it, his fatigue was gone .

What is it about coffee that people like it so much?  There are many reasons that a person likes coffee and also there are many varieties of coffee. Coffee is a subjective thing , everyone has their own taste. Instant coffees are many people’s go to drink , as it is easy to make and nevertheless gives the freshness and energy just to kickstart your work.  Many people prefer  brewed coffee as it keeps the flavor and the aroma of  the coffee beans intact. Coffee is a drink with a high amount of antioxidants that is good for our health and both types of coffee has the same amount , but if you ask the baristas( the person who serves coffee) they would always prefer brewed coffee, they call it ground coffee as they think its the original coffee. The major difference between them is that they are made of two different beans, Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is the one used in the instant coffee, these are cheap and have more amount of  caffeine. Arabica is the one which is used in brewed coffee they are lighter and have a more complicated taste.

There many more  types of coffee which is a little bit different from these two for example espresso where the coffee beans are roasted for more time than for brewed coffee and can also be made by robusta beans. People prefer this as it takes less time for preparation but does captures the essence of coffee. Latte is another type of coffee derivative which has steamed milk and some amount of foam being put on a short of espresso. Latte is really good for health, it is said that it helps to burn fat more efficiently than other drinks. Cappuccino is a Latte which has more amount of foam, this drink was very popular in Europe for a very long time, people used to drink it with their breakfast.

What’s more is if you add chocolate to the coffee it becomes mocha, and an ice cream coffee is called Affogato , if you replace the foam with chocolate sprinkles in an espresso then it is called  flat white.  Not only that if you like cold things more, coffee  is present there too. cold coffee with whip is frappuccino, without whip and nitrogen bubbles its a nitro and many more. From the time it was discovered people never stop experimenting with coffee to make it something which would be different. The last one which I am sure you may not have heard of is the Irish coffee which has whiskey in a black coffee.. don’t you think  that people are now trying really weird combinations!!!

As you have seen coffee is really a versatile drink , its health benefits are also innumerable, but anything consumed beyond a limit is dangerous. If you see when drinking coffee becomes a habit, then we get addicted to it and cannot live without drinking it for a single day. Many people drink it to stay up all the night this can make a person insomniac that is not good for health. For a healthy life one should always eat right thing and in adequate amount, and have at least 7-8 hours of sleep, That means  coffee should be consumed in a proper amount which should not hamper the sleep cycles.

Other wise enjoy your cup of coffee……

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