Does college really matter for placement ?

Every engineering aspirant always dream about IIT but Unfortunately,approximately only 10000 students get selected from approx 12 lakhs aspirant from all over India by clearing JEE mains and JEE Advanced.Many engineering aspirants are not able to crack IIts or NIIts and that doesn’t mean they will not be able to get placements in reputed companies such as google ,Amazon,Facebook etc .Of course IIt or NIIT does matters but up to certain degree . IIT or NIIT nor any other top university guarantee you of getting 100% placement .You will even find some jobless IITians.There is no denial that approx 15-20% ( or even more) do not get placed from campus.It’s a reality check .If you are not able to get admission in top universities that doesn’t mean that you can’t be placed in Google ,Accenture or IBM like top Companies.of course ,you can still be placed in these reputed companies if you are really working hard.If you want to know college matter for placement ,not really .It depend only to a certain extent.It is truth ,that college environment and the visiting companies matter .Obviously ,there are more opportunities if you are pursuing engineering from a reputed college .Their are many private universities or colleges with budget friendly fee structure having good college environment and Well known company visiting their campus for placement (like Amazon )such as Chandigarh Group of college ,Chandigarh University ,Chitkara University ,LPU and many more .But even if you are the part of the college having not such environment or your dream company doesn’t visit your college .Obviously,one can’t see google coming to a reputed college .That doesn’t mean you can’t get placed there.Even then you can by sharpen your skills and can get placed even in your dream company.Remember ,Companies hire on the basis what they see in you not where you came from .

Always remember , what really matter is skills.If you have relevant skills no one can stop you from getting placed from even a mediocre college .Off campus interview are the best instance their students our judged according to their skills not on the basis colleges .I have known many people who worked hard even had faced rejection but don’t stop.They get deeper and deeper knowledge , brush up their skills and now they are placed in well known companies with good packages .What one should learn from this that one should not be afraid of getting rejection .

Who doesn’t want to do anything can come up with a number of excuses .It mostly depend on person how much effort he/she has put .It totally depend on Students they will get success in their life or not .IIT doesn’t give you a guarantee that you will succeed in your life nor a Students from mediocre college end up having lower end job. Definitely one should work hard , putting his/her 100% effort to grind their skills as much as possible , then no one can stop you to succeed in your life.

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