“going digital” a necessity for schools

“Digitization has created a space for every school to store crucial data in any way they want and analyze or process it with incredible speed and accuracy like never before.” 

Here is how digitization of school data is the need of an hour and how a school along with school mobile apps can ease the burden on every parent, teacher and management.

Ease Of Accessibility

Imagine a 20th century school administrator who wants to find out the overall performance of his school for a period of 5 years. He would require at least 5 persons to work for a minimum of 20 days to find, examine and compile such a huge amount of data.

But if all the data of a school is digitized then within a matter of minutes it can be easily found out. Also, the accuracy of this data will be 100% without a doubt. If the digitized data is stored in an education ERP then it can be more

Efficient Monitoring

As the digitized data is readily available and easily accessible it can be monitored without putting in much efforts. The school management can check, at any point of time, the status of any task or activity. A principal can monitor the performance of a teacher or performance of a student or a class, etc. In this manner key details can be examined and scrutinized efficiently.

Enhanced Parent Experience

Teacher parent communication plays a vital role in improving student outcomes. This way a parent would know about the progress of their child.and can keep track of important scholastic activities also. Also regularly updating parents will lead to improved student performance which is again a huge benefit. Such information can also be sent to parents with school apps which are a better option since it makes data all the more accessible.

Smarter, Quicker Decisions All your data can be analyzed with high speed, accuracy and efficiency only if it is digitized. This can be viewed on School analytics dashboard which provides a graphical representation of this data.

Best way to stay updated

Sooner or later every school, campus and educational institution is going to digitize. Isn’t it a better option to do the inevitable sooner rather than later? Especially with fast technological advancements it is a smart decision to stay as updated as possible. That is the only way to be future ready and to avoid future complications.


Along with the above benefits, digitized data can help you bridge the generation gap between the not-so-technology-savvy parents, teachers and staff and the students. With countless benefits and a pressing need due to the rapid technological changes its imperative for every school to go with digitization at once.



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