IS It Good To Be Idle?

If one asks the above question nearly all the people in the world will say that it is not good to remain idle. Remaining idle is often looked down upon in our society whereas remaining busy in life is often glorified. Literally, the antonym of idle is busy which has been inflated to quite some extent meaning you have a life, you have friends, you have very important things to attend to and most things seem so darn important.

There has been a common perception associated with the state of remaining busy in life irrespective of the societies and religious beliefs. In every religion people who remain busy are treated as capable starting from Hinduism to Protestantism. For instance, in Hinduism, the role of work ( Karma) has been emphasized upon whereas in Protestantism work is called worship. The religious heads in Protestantism continuously preach that wasting time by remaining idle is a sin as time is considered as very precious. Even French philosopher Pascale Brukner once said that it was essential to work hard to be called a good Christian and that would be possible if the person remains busy.

Along with the spiritual, societal sanctions against the idleness of a person, ethical concerns are also there. Often it is said that idle hands often make devil’s work. Examples have been cited on many occasions to support such claims. People who remain idle in life also face the problems of depression and remain unsatisfied in their life.

However, remaining busy throughout the life has various ill effects on the concerned person. First of all, too much work pressure hampers the mental balance and affects the health of the person. People’s family life and social life get affected by the extra pressure of work in today’s globalized world where there is less free time for the person.

More arguments are in favour of remaining idle in life. Research shows that when the brain remains idle, blood flow to brain doesn’t decrease. This means that the extra blood flow to the brain in idle condition is used to store data in permanent memory of the brain in an orderly manner in different compartments. Hence, the state of idleness improves the sensitivity of the brain and consolidates the memory.

Further, a person can not think those things which he/she can think when he is idle. Creativity often comes from idle minds as one travels through the enchanted territories of the brain at the time of idleness. That is why many startups like Facebook have been developed by people in the college days when they were free. Definitely, one will accept that productivity increases when the person’s brain remains idle on many occasions.

From the ancient days, Indian Yogis had known the power of being idle and the result of such was meditation. Shiva,the greatest Yogi in Hinduism, used to remain in samadhi for years and the logic behind that was to gain power, aura and knowledge from the state of idleness. Meditation is probably idleness in its highest form since one is completely relaxed, the mind just observes the thoughts that flicker across its screen until they fade away. The mind and body do absolutely nothing in meditation, bringing them to a state of calm.

Herein lies the paradox: meditation is increasingly considered as valuable for our well-being and mental health, and yet it means being idle contrary to remain busy.

So, the next time you feel like being idle, be idle! Watch the sun as it sets, or the rain as it trickles down your windowpane. Watch TV, read, lie on your couch, listen to music and the things you can’t hear, eat your favourite food feeling the taste of every bite. Let’s not feel guilty about our idleness and enjoy this precious time of being idle because there will be many times when you cannot be idle.

From the last one month this is what the author has done and has got the valuable time of introspection about life. The most important outcome of the author’s idleness is that the idea of thinking about idle state and its relevance in human life and the result is this write up about idle state of humans.

So, it’s good to remain idle at times in life as that brings freshness, enthusiasm for life and in case one needs further convincing logic regarding this one must follow another great idler, Winnie the Pooh who said- “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

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