In India where 65% of Indian Men believe woman should tolerate violence in order to keep the family together, and women sometimes deserve to be beaten. You yourself can understand how serious the situation is.

There are many myths present in our society which have misguided people since generations. Myths like women deserve beating at the hands of husbands and wife battering is a private matter have silenced many victims for centuries.

Slapping is the most common act of physical violence by husbands. 34% of married women say their husband has slapped them; 15% say their husband has pulled their hair or twisted their arms, and 14% have been pushed, shaken or had something thrown at them.
One in six married women in India have experienced emotional violence by their husbands.

In scenarios like that Thappad isn’t just a movie it’s the mirror which reflects the hard reality of Indian Society.
A society which expects its women to compromise no matter how grave the situation is regardless of the suffering and pain imposed on her. She is expected to pay no attention to her self respect and to level with the so called hypocrite standards of the society.

Taapsee Pannu as the female lead has very strongly portrayed the character of female protagonist Amrita in the movie who didn’t think of sacrificing her self respect when her husband Vikram (portrayed by Pavail Gulati) slapped her during a office house party.

After all this Amrita discovers those things which she was ignoring for long. She realises that she lost herself in becoming a perfect wife for her husband.
She takes the wake up call and perceives that this isn’t the life for which she left everything her dreams, her career.

This movie has very outstandingly shown that how a women who has played a crucial role in the success of her husband is being treated. She isn’t allowed to take stand for her self respect. She is expected to behave normally no matter what the situation is.

She is told that women should tolerate all this because men will be men and they won’t be held liable for their actions, but Amrita in spite of all these things takes a stand for herself and very bravely files for a divorce with her husband.

The main problem with our society is that in all these things women is the victim of all such acts but she isn’t allowed to be a victim she is forced to be a forgiver all the time as if she is making records in forgiving .

Director Anubhav Sinha has perfectly shown that juxtaposing love and violence isn’t right at all.

Patriarchy is the main reasons behind the occurrence of violence against women. Stereotypes of gender roles have continued over the ages. The primary roles for women have been marriage and motherhood. Women must marry because unmarried, separated or divorced status is a stigma.

The men in our society are told since childhood that women aren’t equal to them. No matter how self sufficient they may be you have an authority over them. They aren’t the boss of their own lives you are the boss of their life.

As long as this mentality isn’t going to change we won’t make any progress .

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