Mind ‘s working cannot be figured out easily!!!!

How our mind works, we can’t be too sure. But according to study mind is working just like heart. It means that how hurt is pumping up and down regularly like it Brain also controlling all the parts of our body. But interestingly Brain is also makes it separate from other parts, an unbelievable fact is that after a human death then also for few hours it is alive and try to communicate with other parts. But due to no communication it silently makes it close down completely.

Mood swings of a lady

It also makes us feel happy or sad. And brain is only that thing due to which we are superior to other creatures in this planet. Science is made just from the observation of our Brain. And for it doesn’t matter that if we know about it earlier or not. Through the high logical thinking analysis, we can understand the things easily. Not only this, we can also make super things through the brain. For example Space Ship,Rockets,and many more things.Those who control their mind and study on a topic,they are called Scientist. They are also one of among us. So the real thing is that if we can control over Brain and make it use to in a study, we can also find amazing things about that. And it’s really cool.

But we should also Know that if we can’t control our brain, then it can also harm us. So we should concentrate on our study also aware of good and bad outcomes of it. Thanks for reading my article ….

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