What The Health

Director’s Name- Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn

Released Date- 7 March 2017 

What the health is a documentary directed by Kip Andersen in 2017. This documentary tries to uncover the secret to the major health issues like obesity, cancer and diabetes in America. While having positive intentions the documentary falls short when it comes to facts and placing its arguments. Various nutrition scientists disagree with the ‘facts’ mentioned in the documentary. Upon watching the documentary one might feel that the documentary highly favors veganism and in a way forces us to adopt the vegan lifestyle.

Veganism is a lifestyle where one cuts out all the animal related products from his diet. From meat to poultry to even dairy products. It’s a strict plant based diet which grew into popularity in 2016. While there is nothing wrong with a plant only based diet the documentary uses manipulation and exaggeration to sort of force veganism on its viewers.

The documentary claims with absolute confidence that eggs are as bad for us as smoking is. Which according to almost every study done on eggs ever is not true. Eggs are an amazing source of nutrients and are in no way even close to being as harmful as smoking cigarettes. The documentary also says that eating processed meat increases the chances of cancer and diabetes whereas many studies done all over the world by nutrition scientists say that meat is a great source of protein and is no way connected to cancer. The same is said about milk in the documentary- “milk causes cancer”. Milk is a great source of protein and calcium and according to recent studies no dairy product is remotely connected to any kind of cancer.

Although consuming processed meat is not the best eating habit as any kind of processed food has some risks to it but in no study does it say that eating processed meat is on par with smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes in the film are used as a measuring unit to explain the risk of consuming non vegan items. Cigarettes contain tobacco which has a direct link to cancer. no non vegan food comes remotely close to that.

The health research data we have access to today is not as definitive and as precise as we would want it to be. As no tests of a big enough magnitude can be done on two different groups of human beings forcing eating habits on them and recording the results. So all the data we have can never be precise. We can tell which food might risk what disease but we can never be 100% accurate about it. Despite the massive effort that went into the making of this documentary, very little to no science is behind it and if fact checked, it’s not worth watching. The documentary is very biased and only appreciates a vegan diet. Although vegan diet is not unhealthy, it’s certainly not the only way to be in the healthiest shape. Non vegan food has important nutrition values as well and if eaten with proper attention to nutrition count, it is equally beneficial. 

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