How to easily over come the Fear of Public Speaking.

As we know that majority of the people are not comfortable to speak in public or actually don’t like to speak in public. They feel insecure and uncomfortable to speak in front of a large audience or being up on stage. They fear to be the centre of attraction or say centre of attention.

The fear of public speaking could be a continuous cycle until the individual steps up to face their fear. Majority face bad nerves before and during their presentation or public speaking. An individual going through nervousness is natural as sends some commanding messages to our brain which results in the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which helps the individual in fighting the current situation or just give up.

These stress hormones can result in positive results as it could bring enough energy and excitement to an individual during their presentation but there’s always two sides to a coin hence it can also lead to adrenaline and anxiety which could end up in a dry throat and mouth and increase in heart rate and could even make an individual sweat.

Lets go through some of ways in which an individual can overcome the fear of public speaking.

1- Awareness and Acceptance.

A person should accept the fact he is going to feel nervous as it is a natural process which is in built within everyone. As a matter of fact an individual needs to properly organize himself and accept his nerves and prepare and work accordingly.

2- Breathe normally.

It has been observed that people tend to breathe heavily or quickly while they panic.Controlled breathing can be helped in controlling the nerves and eliminating the sense of fear. It is better to start working on how you breathe as it will definitely help you in the process.

3- Choose the right clothes to feel confident.

Choosing the right pair of clothes will eventually boost your confidence and help you in the process of public speaking. If you don’t feel comfortable in a dress code do avoid the option as it will lead to some bad experience as it affects an individuals flow and cause a bad vibe among the people.

4- Know your topic really well.

Always choose a specific topic of your interest or on the contrary when you are supposed to give a speech or a presentation as your not allowed to choose a topic, go through all the possible aspects of that topic. So even if you don’t remember something at that particular time you can most probably handle the situation by speaking about something which is related to the topic.

5- Practice,Practice and Practice.

If you expect that you will make it without practice you are probably wrong. Practice makes you perfect and there’s no doubt to it. Practicing will help you stay motivated and make you feel confident. Practice in front of a mirror and imagine the stage on which you will be performing soon,this will eventually boost your confidence and will help in understanding the certain mistakes which could be corrected.

Public speaking has become an essential need to further progress in life as to progress one needs to have certain leadership skills and the leader has to take the responsibility of speaking to the public. Hopefully these tips will help you in overcoming your public speaking fear.