“Ring of Fire”: Solar Eclipse 2020

Solar Eclipse 2020: The moon covering the sun formed a celestial event “Ring of Fire” today, 21 June, being the longest day of year.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. When this happens, the moon blocks the light of the sun from reaching the earth. The shadow of the moon falls on the earth.‘The solar eclipse of 21 June, however, is an annular eclipse.This happens when the moon is farthest from the earth, according to NASA blog ’.

What is Ring of Fire?

When solar eclipse occurs, a bright light of Sun is observed around the moon at the height of annual solar eclipse that beautiful ring is called “Ring of Fire”. “ Annular solar eclipse is a particular case of the total solar eclipse. Like the total solar eclipse, the moon is aligned with the sun. However, on that day, the apparent size of the moon happens to be a wee smaller than the sun. Hence the moon covers the central part of the sun, and the rim of the sun appear like a ‘ring of fire’ in the sky for a very brief moment” Samir Dhurde of The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics said.

“Ring of Fire”

Today, a beautiful celestial event, an annular solar eclipse, which is popularly known as the “ring of fire” eclipse, was visible on Sunday in parts of India.It has been spotted in Delhi, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Social media and TV news channels were flooded with pictures of beautiful ring by sunlight. This was the first solar eclipse of 2020 which coincided with the Summer Solstice, being the longest day. The eclipse started around 10:30 am and ended at 3:05 pm. .

‘Ring of Fire’ observed at Dehradun (Uttrakhand)
‘Ring of Fire’ at Kurukshetra (Haryana)

Due to covid-19 pandemic, a large number of people could not able to observe this event at planetariums as large gatherings are banned.

People looking for Solar Eclipse with masks on face, due to covid-19

Observing Solar eclipse event, one must have proper eye protection because looking directly at the Sun can cause permanent damage to the eye’s retina. However many people could not step out and watch the eclipse, many watched it online on their YouTube using NASA tracker. The eclipse was also visible in other countries such as Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman.