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 Have you ever wondered how life was without internet?  Those were the days when connecting to people and places took days, even months and were mostly delayed. Things used to take more time than usual…  Life was so different without internet.  Life appeared to be slow and much subtle. It was long and tedious process that feels like never ending. But after the invention of the internet, the world has never been the same.

After invention of internet life became wait-free, stress-free and much more comfortable.   From receiving letters in a minute to posting pictures, and even live videos and broadcasts- life has become super easy and fun to explore. Internet has given a boom to educational society. Earlier we would have to search and consult hundreds of different books of thousands of pages manually in library for finding something and now all of this can be done in a blink of an eye – just enter your question in Google and get the answer to all the problems on your mind and more which might not have even crossed your mind.

INTERNET: The Technology

The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide. This protocol defines the format of all the electronic communication which travels between computers through wired or wireless media. Internet is the fast mode that helps resolve many problems in one click.

Internet has made the world a global village where communicating with people sitting thousands of miles away and seeing places is just a click away. Internet has made the world more explored and lively. From entertainment to infotainment internet has everything that the world needs. From travelling to connecting people in another part of the world has been made easy with the help of internet.  Obviously internet has changes the meaning of life to much extent.

Like other imperative advanced inventions, internet connectivity too has seen much development in recent years.  From slow dial-ups to fast broadband to Wi-Fi and now the recently being much discussed is the Li-Fi service of the internet.


Broadband has the highest access speed and is most used service of the internet. It is available in four different forms like DSL (Digital subscriber line), fiber-optic, cable, and satellite based connections. It is believed to be one the cheapest available connectivity methods of the internet.  Broadband is a WAN (wide area network) mostly used in an organization or a city.

On the other hand, a Wi-Fi is mainly a wireless local network. It allows the devices to connect with each other without the cables. It is simply being called as the wireless medium of the internet. Local area network (LAN) has a limit and has a restricted range where it can be used. It can limit the no of user you want to allow to connect to your network and can be password protected.

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