Meant to be

Everyone present on this earth is here for a reason and purpose. As soon as that purpose is accomplished the person has to leave earth and shift to their heavenly abode.

That’s what life is like, each human being present on this earth plays an important role in someone’s life. Their role can be a main lead role, a side role or cameo role in someone’s life but there is a role that you have to play regardless of your choice.

There are some things which you can’t choose or control like you were born without your choice and you will die without your choice, you didn’t choose your parents, you didn’t choose the conditions in which you were born in and you didn’t choose the situations and people that come in your way, but all these things happen because they are meant to be happen you can’t make any alternation in them. The only thing in which you can make some alteration is your perspective toward things happening in your life because that’s the only thing which is in your authority.

The people who died in 2020 because of COVID-19, accidents, suicides etc . There purpose of being on earth fulfilled and they left for another life. I am in no way saying that they deserve this. No not at all they didn’t deserve this, they should have got the opportunity to live and enjoy their life to the fullest but they didn’t got why because god has other plans for them. They served their purpose, the death of people due to COVID-19 has forced the mankind to think how deadly human ignorance towards earth can be. It’s an alarming bell for humans that we should treat earth more delicately and cautiously otherwise we will face more pandemic like this in future and will once again lose our loved ones to our ignorance.

People dying due to suicide are forcing people to change their perspective towards mental health, it is wake up call for us which should be picked up because it is the need of the hour, it should be given utmost importance and changes in our behaviour towards others is also mandatory to stop more people from falling prey to suicide.

The role of leaders in this pandemic is forcing the masses to reconsider their choices of leaders. Their callous attitude towards public is a warning that we have chosen a wrong leader who in no way can understand and handle the problems of people.

All things happen in a person’s life according to God’s plan. It’s all because of his decisions, you achieve, you lose, you cry, you laugh but one thing that’s in your control is your reaction to every situation.

Life is always like that you don’t know what’s going to happen the very next moment, you don’t know whom you are going to meet and whom you are going to lose in the next hour. It’s a mystery and always will be.

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