Read completely

If you are in a thought of reading this ensure that you decide without reading it. If you have already started reading it then ensure to read it completely. Know completely before you speak. Listen completely before you know. You don’t know until you know it completely. The repeated mistake we keep on doing is ‘not listening’. We make excuses to ourselves as though we know everything by knowing something. People hate to listen because it requires lot of patience. People like to speak because its the easiest job ever.You can’t judge a post without completely looking at it.

Do it completely else give up. Knowing half things bothers the most because if we don’t know we shut our mouths. Knowing nothing is better these days. If you have started then don’t stop. We don’t know until we know completely. If you start something end it by finishing it, not by giving up. These habits play a vital role and reflect in every possible action. If you can’t read completely then you can’t write completely, you can’t think completely. You should habituate to do anything completely. Develop the habit of doing the thing in full-fledged manner. Doing for the sake of doing isn’t considered as doing. You should have done it if you were doing it in the past.

Compete to complete the thing that you have started. Perfection evolves through completion. Try to be patient to become perfect. Read throughout because you never know until you read something completely. Nothing goes in vain. Try to read and try to listen from others. Don’t always try to express only from our side. Take the things from the other end as well. Everyone can speak but none listens. A good speaker isn’t always a good listener but good listener is always a good speaker. Things become tough when we speak because we have no control over it. Things become easier when we listen. The attitude of never giving up starts building up from habit of going through something completely. Don’t leave even a little bit of food in the plate. Don’t leave a single chapter for choice in the examination. Leaving a question for choice describes your way of choosing options and waiting for the opportunities to come. We can define one’s character by the way they eat. Even tiniest things matter the most. They decide the way we life and portrays us in such a manner. We may find it crazy but it’s true.

If you stop in the middle you can’t survive till the end. Starting is simple but ending is tough. The fighting spirit and the fire for desire aren’t the things that come instinctly. They have been developed in the course of time. Habituate the actions that are necessary for survival. May not be something regarding your career. But if you try to develop such things which effect your personality and social growth. The most foremost thing that should be developed is the ability to listen. Everyone hears, no one listens. Give yourself a push to succeed in your life. Character is a process not a result. Try to built it with you. The process must be able to change you in such a manmer that it reflects your personality. Focus on one thing because people try to do multiple tasks at same time. Doing multiple tasks is not at all a problem but doing it at parllely doesn’t make sense. The only thing I want you to develop is a habit which eventually turns your character and helps you in buliding personality.

If you have completed reading this post keenly. Completing doesn’t ensure finishing it. If you haven’t read it thoroughly please make sure that you read it again. I don’t expect you to follow all those things I mentioned there. I only expect you to read completely. Not understanding this post is not at all a problem. But reading it completely made you to complete it. You had atleast read this post patiently until you finished. You didn’t end it in the middle or even you didn’t skip the reading. Push yourself to read it completely. Develop the habit of completing which will surely help you. If you are not interested then don’t start reading but if you have started then don’t stop because no one know until he goes completely.

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