Spiritual Teachings of life: Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is a Hindu scripture said by lord Krishna to Arjuna during mahabhart fight. It was said in sanskrit language. Lord Krishna gave this knowledge to arjuna when he was in dilemma due to the result of fight which would led to deaths of many people along with his relatives & many of his loved ones. At that time krishna acted like a counsellor and said Bhagavad Gita.

It is often said that whenever a person is in dilemma then he can find the solutions of his problems just by opening and reading any of the page of Bhagavad Gita. It is actually said by lord Krishna for the future world and one can feel and relate it with their life just by reading it. It has been translated in 75 languages till now including hindi and english. It teaches us a lot to live a happy and peaceful life in this world.

It teaches us that a person can become anything they want to, if they work hard towards their goal with full belief. Person is made with his believes, whatever he believes in, he becomes that. Person who focuses on his deed, instead of fruit he will get, can only become successful in his life.

It teaches us to live in present, it tells us that life is neither living it in the past nor in the future, it is the present moment which we should live. Person without fear, illness, hatred and addiction can get peaceful life in this world and in the paradise. If our mind is not calm, it is difficult to control it, but we can make it possible by practicing. Those who don’t have control on their mind, their minds act like a enemy for them. If we don’t have control over our senses and thoughts then our mind won’t be calm and those whose mind is not calm can’t get peace and without peace, happy life is not possible.

It tells whatever happened, happened for a good, whatever is happening, happening for a good, whatever will happen in future that will also be for good, what was yours, so you are crying? What had you brought that you missed, what had you made that is destroyed? Whatever you took, took from here only, whatever you gave, gave here only, what is yours today, was someone else’s yesterday and will be someone else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of universe. So, don’t become upset over things. We brought nothing to this world and won’t take anything along with us after dying.
History says yesterday was delightful , science says tomorrow will be delightful , but real dharma says if our mind and heart is good and truthful then it will be delightful everyday.

The day we forgets the difference between you and me, our and others, small and big, that day everyone becomes ours and we ourselves becomes of others.

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