The Fault In Our Stars

John Green is a world famous writer who has written various worldwide best sellers like Looking For Alaska, Turtles All The Way Down. John green quickly grew into popularity because of his very touching writing style and remarkable way to storytelling. All his novels are worldwide best sellers and his stories always leave his readers in awe. The Fault In Our Stars is another one of his remarkable works. This book brought a huge amount of success to John Green and made him one of the most popular writers in the world. The fault in our stars got so popular that due to fans demand it was also made into a movie which was undoubtedly a huge hit as well. The Fault In Our Stars is a story about a 16 year old girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 and a 17 year old boy Augustus Waters who is a survivor himself as he once had a tumour in his leg. This is an emotional yet heartbreaking story about these two characters hopelessly falling in love even though they are aware that their love story will end in a heartbreak.

The fault In Our Stars is written by John Green who has somehow managed to tackle a very bold yet sensitive topic that is cancer without being over cheesy and tacky about it. The novel is loved by readers of all ages, all over the world and is so brilliant that it has a movie made on the adaptation of the novel. 

John Green starts the story by introducing Hazel Grace who seems to be depressed as she keeps on re-reading the same novel over and over again. She is smart but lacks the motivation in her life. Hazel is forced to join a cancer support group by her parents where she meets Augustus Waters. Augustus, even after losing a leg to tumour is very cheerful and is determined to leave a mark on the world. Further in the story these characters fall unconditionally in love and embark on a beautiful journey together leaving all us readers in awe. John Green used the phrase “forever in a counted days” to describe their love story.

Some quotes from the novel like “some infinities are bigger than other infinities” and “pain demands to be felt” have gotten so famous that you see them quite a lot. The dialogues used by Hazel and Augustus in the novel are so impactful and indulging that one can even cry reading the novel. 

Saying that the novel is as perfect as it could be seems like an exaggeration but is not. The Fault In Our Stars is a huge success worldwide and it will be a legacy of our time. I found myself reading this novel multiple times in my free time as it is a masterpiece. The Fault In Our Stars adds itself into the list of world-wide bestsellers by the talented John Green.

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