The real ground reality of the corona treatment

Corona virus, every day its like we are tuned to the same channel spewing the same things like a factory mill on overwork. But be as it may every day, we learn more about this disease that was thrust suddenly to the world, after initially originating from china. There are many a theory afloat that China deliberately kept the onset of this disease a secret to gain from it, and knowing the level the Chinese usually stoop to it would not be farfetched to believe so. Nearly every country is trying to cope up to this disease with drastic level of differences. On one side we have countries like new Zealand who have virtually negligible cases and still effectively trying to combat the situation and on the other end we have countries like USA where the cases have arisen to such a point that their President has announced that he will be slowing down testing to make it seem like the number of cases have dwindled. So where on this spectrum does India lie?

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India is home to a vast population that counts in billions, to safely combat a virus which spreads so easily is a herculean task in itself. However, the front-line workers are continuously working to be the first line of defence, but is it enough. Very often we see on the news and media how heroically our government is fighting the virus, often depicting them as gallant saviours shielding us from the evil virus. The hospitals giving their best in order to help the patients that they get, treating them and sending them back to society so that they may function like before. However,  the ground reality is anything but so, with the influx of corona positive cases of nearly 15000 each day, adding the fact that hospitals are seeing the worst mismanagement that could be done during a pandemic, it is no surprise that to many people going to the hospital seems like a walk towards the gallows. The hospitals launched apps in order to increase their efficiency and help them control the crowd gathering in hospitals, however with the traditional Indian scene of mismanagement this has just poured fuel to the increasing fires. The apps show the hospitals having free beds when there are none, mistreating patients and whatnot. Many a hospital within Delhi, India’s capital city have started to look more like morgue, without enough beds to put the dead bodies in, entire floors have been converted into makeshift morgues with bodies simply piled up unhygienically. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the inefficiency of the hospital scene in battling corona virus. With the amount that an average corona patient is charged, coupled with the gross mismanagement it can make life a living hell for anyone going to the hospital regarding this issue. During this pandemic bed charges have inflated very much, a general ward bed in super specialty hospitals costs around 11000 a day, due to the covid-19 expenses. The overall amount depends on the time period one I admitted. Adding the mismanagement of the hospital staff into the mix it can go for unnecessarily long periods. Counting in the per day costs of a ventilator in the ICU ward for serious cases it can add an additional 50,000 per day as well. Thus, even if one miraculously survives the ordeal of corona, monetarily they are thrust back way harder than before.

What actions we further take is for everyone to see.