This Is The Reason Why Gigi Hadid Is The Best “Soul-Mate” For Zayn Malik

Gigi and Zayn fit perfectly into each other and are the extension of greatest “couple goals” of all times. America’s sweetheart and glam doll, Gigi Hadid seems to be every man’s dream girl. But the model had seemed to hold on tight to pop-star and every girl’s heartbeat Zayn Malik for five years straight.

While there is no kept secret that the duo shares an inevitable bond, their unparalleled PDA beams brightly through the transparent walls, and it says it all! And after the much-needed quarantine-surprise, Gigi’s pregnancy tale seems like another fairy tale, the big news has managed to replace a month-year-old frown with an exciting grin. Both snuggled into each other’s private space, happy in their own little world.

Nevertheless, the pregnancy rumors added a little sheen to the Victoria Secret model’s life and there is no doubt about that. And with the latest pictures of Gigi doing the rounds, she looks flushed with happiness than ever before.

There are some reasons why Gigi Hadid is entitled to become Zayn Malik’s “best girlfriend” in the entire world.

The protective tool

Against all odds, Gigi manages to bring out of her high-glam avatar and puts her foot down against all her BF’s uninvited troubles. The 25-year-old model has broken all boundaries to prove her love for Zayn several times. She has stood thick and thin beside him like a rod.

When a string of ‘infidelity’ rumors surrounded the couple, that’s when Gigi came into the picture, and framed defensive statements, proving her bitter-sweet protective nature towards Zayn unbeatable.

Strong fam bond

There is no doubt that Gigi Hadid had been accepted by Malik’s family with open arms, she is often seen strengthening the family bond, leaving us all overjoyed and awed.

A-lister supportive partner

Gigi is unlike the rest! she passionately supports Zayn Malik’s successful and steaming music career and once starred in one of his music videos. The couple had also collaborated for a high-octane song together which was applauded by their fans. In the music video, they both were seen sharing intimate scenes inviting critics to put a thumbs down to one of their most awaited collabs of all times.

Zayn’s mouth piece

Though the “Pillowtalk” singer is shy to express his opinions openly to the world, Gigi had been seen speaking on behalf of him on several occasions. This does not mean that Zayn is spineless, he might follow the rules obediently