Hard work leads to success. This phrase is very common amongst each one of us. But this is totally wrong! It is actually, “Smart Work That Leads to Success.”

Smart work is the work which you love to do. On the other hand, hard work is the one which you are compelled to do. How can one be successfull by doing a lot of labour in something?
Smart work does not requires labour, because the thing which you love to do, never requires an effort to be done!
So, why not start doing something which you love?

Actually their is no connection between hardwork and success! If success would really be connected to hard work,then, obviously a rickshaw driver would have been more successful than a bussiness man, who has to do much, than just to be involved in a sedentary job.

A rickshaw driver is putting more effort and working harder. Still, why is he not successful as a businessman? Yes! The secret behind this is: Smart Work. A rickshaw driver is doing that work because he is bound to do that, he is compelled to do that, he is doing that in order to earn a living.
On the other hand,a great bussiness man is doing nothing much, but is still successful, because he knows that he is perfect in that, and loves doing that.
Just do whatever you love. People and society will talk shit behind you,because they tag the personality of everyone. Actually we are living in a society where sinner judge sinners for sinning differently.

Remember ,when you love your work, their is nothing like hard in that. Work is all about being smart, and not laborious. Just take 5 minutes from your busy schedule and ask yourself, “Are you happy with what you are doing?” Are you satisfied and really loving what you are doing? Just think once.
The thing is, “When your focus shifts from Competition to Contribution, life becomes a Celebration.” So, just start working smartly. From today, from this very exact moment,because this is the biggest secret to achieve success, satisfaction, and endless happiness.

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