How Do I Motivate Myself to Stay Motivated?

Making a decision to achieve success is not enough. Many do so, but they are doing not back their decision with action.

It is so easy and pleasant to daydream, watch programs on TV about celebrities and follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This might be sweet, but it will not make you successful.

To achieve success you need to act. You need to do things. You need to follow through with your decisions, even if it is difficult and inconvenient and you need leave your comfort zone.

You need to motivate yourself constantly, until motivation become a habit.

Decisions and plans need to be backed by strong desire and strong ambition, steady motivation, and perseverance. You have to keep your goal constantly in your mind, and avoid negative thoughts and doubts about your ability to achieve your goal. To do so, you need a constant supply of motivation.
We read about successful and rich people and want to be like them. A weak desire is not enough. It must be burning desire that is not stopped by obstacles and by failures.

Almost every successful person experienced failure and rejection, but they found the inner strength to rise above them and continue trying.

Many try to reach far, but only the ones who do not give up win.

What do you choose, to be on the ranks of those who:

Only daydream.
Try, fail, and quit.
Go all the way, despite obstacles, fears and failures.
It is natural to be at times frustrated, exhausted, or discouraged. Sometimes, plans do not work out as expected. At other times, we feel tired and lack energy. Yet, you can awaken renewed motivation.

Here are few actions that can help you motivate yourself:

  1. If you have a certain goal that you want to achieve, you need to remind yourself often, about the importance of your goal and how much you want it accomplished.
  2. Think often, what proportion your goal means to you. Think of details, visualize it, and feel as if it is already accomplished.
  3. Repeat your decision to achieve your goal, every day, several times a day.
  4. Always try to find ways to replenish our motivation and enthusiasm.

One of the way to do so, is to do small acts that get you closer to your goal. Sometimes, it is difficult to awaken enthusiasm, especially when the goal looks too big and far away. In this case, do a few minor actions that are easy to do, and which get you closer to achieving it. This will keep the zest and enthusiasm alive.

  1. Think of the benefits of achieving your goal, and how your life will be after achieving it.
  2. Read about people who have achieved success, and let their stories inspire you. Be careful of negative thoughts that might rise up, telling you that you cannot do what they did. Reject these thoughts, no matter how many time they return.
  3. Read inspiring quotes by people who achieved success. Every quote is like a tiny sparkle of wisdom and inspiration. You can many quotes, here, at the quotes directory.
  4. When frustrated or discouraged, exercise your body, take a walk or go the gym. This will fill you with renewed energy and strength.
  5. Surround yourself with positive and happy people. A positive mental attitude is contagious, and so are feelings of happiness. Of course, if you are too negative, there might be inner resistance at first, but you should not let negativity win.