Spread the Flowers of Happiness

“Never become someone’s happiness, instead add happiness into their lives”. You must be a teenager, an adult or maybe a 70 year oldie, but do you really know what happiness means, what things gives you the spark of happiness or what all things make the butterflies dance in your stomach. We human beings tend to find happiness at every step of our lives, be it our crush, our pets, cooking or be it any other thing, we always think of being happy at every stage of our lives. Now the thing which I am talking about is different, it’s not about being happy it’s about spreading happiness, making the others happy and contibuting something to the society. Money is a materialistic and perishable which will not stay with us forever and which can only make us happy for a short period of time, but happiness is immortal, we will remember the moments of happiness till the last breath of our lives and it will always add a spark in us. In the same way if we follow the ” give and take” rule, contribute happiness to the society, we can master the art of living, we can live with a happy heart and hence look at the society with a different perspective.


If you are busy or confused about how to spread happiness follow these steps to enlighten your lives with different colours.

1.Be happy inorder to make someone happy: First step starts with changing yourself because if we will change ourselves, we will be able to change the others. Be happy, find happiness in small things, have patience in every situation and do not lose hope. This will give you the power to fight with every obstacle and will help you to overcome it.

2.Smile: The best mantra to be happy and to spread happiness. Don’t wait to be happy, think of the moments that make you smile, watch shows that will make you happy and just turn your rough day into a happy happy day.

3.Appreciate others: If your wife makes tasteless food with extra salt, don’t scold her or taunt her, she had put in extra efforts and gave her precious time just to make food for you, appreciate her, infact make another dish for her and spend a lovely happy time. This will not only bring a smile on her face but will also show a sign that you love her and care for her.

4.Be a good listener: There are endless problems going on in everyone’s family these days but what can we do is become a good listener and listen to their problems patiently, guide them, give them a solution or else just tell them that their problems will end soon, you just have to be happy and never lose hope in the situation of crisis.

5.Be a hero for the others: Wish everyone with a smiley face and turn their dark sad days into happy days. This will help you to relieve their pain and bring a sigh of relief in their lives.

6.Feed the stray animals or help the poor: Lat but not the least, the most important part of being happy is by feeding others, is by never letting them sleep with empty stomach and always helping them as a saviour.

As you know that these are the days are of pain and suffering where people are surrounded with endless problems, depression, anxiety and other things and in this time we as a human being can help them by sharing their burden, by always telling them that no matter what happens we are like the pillars of happiness who will never leave you alone. Follow this for once and you will see the difference.

The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer someone else up- Mark Twain