Can We Sustain?: The environmental challenge Towards Human Existence

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In this emerging world crisis what we need to worry about the environment. Biodiversity is being hampered with the living habits of humans. As a part of the environment, We must pay heed to the development of the environment in a right and progressive way. We must know what we are leaving for the next generation. Due to the indifferent nature of human towards the environment and destructive behavior towards nature have called up a pandemic situation like Covid-19. The rising temperature, the growth of the disease, the major wild forests destruction, climatic imbalances all are results of human extravaganza. Our existential security depends on the earth’s existence. So, whenever we are talking about development we have to take the earth under consideration as well. The Hinduism sacred literature talks about ‘Mahabhuta’ which says about the exploitation of the five elements of nature, earth, water, fire, air,  space. Due to the convergence of technology we are running behind the development without thinking who to sustain it.

There are many things we should be worried about. There are many species which are either got extinct or in the way of extinct. Deforestation is one of the main causes of environmental grievance. Reports say nearly 27,000 trees are shot down each day to manufacture toilet paper. Nearly 1 million sea creatures are killed due to plastic pollution. Death of a huge number of animals in ecology, not only push the species towards extinction but also create a disruption in ecosystems and the ecological food chain. Unrestricted fishing can be another cause of the crisis in aquaculture. In this environment, every creature has its own role to play. The popularity of insects is higher than any other living creature on the planet. Due to agricultural safety, many friendly insects are killed. It says female insects travel much comparatively to male insects because they are in the process of pollination. Here if the pollination doesn’t happen, it can lead the human existence to cease. With the spike of the world population( nearly 83 million per year) and carbon footprint sensitizing the consequences like food crisis, economic crises, water problems, climatic changes, and so on. A report says the growing temperature can lead people to kill themselves. 1°C rise in temperature has given a 0.7% rise in the suicidal cases in countries like the US, Mexico. According to a report of WWF, a new disease can arise which will be higher than ever. It will make wreak havoc in the economy, health, and more. Arbitrary wild trade is another resource of ecological imbalance. Expensive release of greenhouse gas from the use of burning fuel like oil and others has indecently increased the rate of pollution, temperature, and other environmental issues.

A report called ‘The Global Tree Restoration Potential’ has remarked tree restoration as one of the efficient strategies to prevent the environmental crisis. Human and environmental development have to be proportional to each other. We can conquer the destruction by choosing sustainable development as a weapon. We are not allowed to perceive the natural beauty apparently as a part of impressionism but we are bound to be careful about securing the existence the beauty so that the next generation also can sense and experience the beauty in the same way.

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