Facebook or Fakebook?

Facebook is one of the most remarkable names in the field of social networking domains that has evolved to be a brand with no competition whatsoever. Although there are other apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and the like, but literally nothing can be compared to Facebook in terms of the wide range of usage it happens to cover. Facebook has become an option that literally provides a huge range of elements to its users which include but are not limited to news, sports, memes, jokes, promotional posts, motivational posts, current affairs and so on. Facebook has made it possible for us to be a part of the global world with just one click in absolutely no-time!

However, the fact that has come to the surface with the gradual development of Facebook should also be mentioned in this regard. A tendency to pretend to be someone else has come up to be one of the major repercussions of using Facebook in a regular manner. Everyone likes putting their daily lives up there on Facebook without thinking about its consequences. It is not bad to post stuff on Facebook but the fact that it has helped a tendency to evolve out of people that goes on to present a mask-like persona. Everyone pretends to show how happy they are in their real life by posting stuff on Facebook regularly no matter what is going on in their life. It has both positive and negative side effects. Therefore it gets clear how Facebook has contributed in making the digital world a domain of pretentiousness which can be really harmful at times.

Facebook has also caused a rise of the rate of cyber bullying along with a huge number of cyber-crimes in today’s world. With each passing day thousands of people create their accounts on Facebook and the rate of cyber bullying and cyber -crime increase by 5%. Teenagers are the most affected ones who have to go through different kinds of humiliations and harassments on a daily basis due to the heinous crimes committed by the cyber criminals.
Facebook has gradually blurred the boundaries between the digital and the real world. It enables people to pretend what they actually are not and present different versions of themselves which are supposedly a more acceptable one to the others. This way, it has also gone forward to create a huge impact on mental health issues.

The fact that Facebook allows everyone to post their heart out has many repercussions. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic posts seem to be floating around all over Facebook without having any counter action from the authorities. It promotes different problematic sets of ideologies that affect every one present on Facebook in some way or the other.
Facebook plays a huge role in influencing and eventually controlling the youth of the world. Considering all these aspects that come along with the positive sides of Facebook everyone should start being more careful about their online presence since it has so much power nowadays.

-Suvasree Bandyopadhyay

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