India crosses 5,00,000 Corona cases, situation now getting tensed…

In India, the cases of COVID 19 crosses 5 million till now. This is not a good news for all of us. In Maharashtra only 5,000 cases are reported yesterday. It means that this virus is now spreading very vigrousoly. It ‘s a bad sign for our country. We really need to stop it , otherwise this virus can be cmed into fourth phase, which will really destructive for us.

The state and central both government are trying hard to stop the spreading of this virus. But it’s really not working. The whole Unlocking Phase creates this hazardous condition for all of us. But there is not any choice for government other than this. Everyone is now living in a very dangerous environment. And any silly mistake is now dangerous for all of us.

There is no need need to be panic right now and the need is to wear mask outside the home and maintain the social distance. And the most important wash or sanitize your hands at 2 hour interval regularly. And try to be in discipline . A single mistake can make you a patient of this pandemic virus. And we should pray for making the vaccine of this virus as soon as possible….

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