Motivational Tips for Depression – 6 Ways to Feel Better

Depression can strike anytime to anyone. It doesn’t spare its victims, and has no boundaries. Depression may be a serious illness and will never be taken lightly. Depression is sadness, hopelessness, a loss of interest in your daily living, crying, feelings of loss and thoughts of suicide are abundantly present.

There can be many causes for depression:

Life Changes
Chronic Pain
Drug and alcohol abuse
A break-up
A death
When you start to feel depressed, or when things are beginning to compile , here are 6 ways for you to feel better and obtain yourself motivated and possibly slip away from the misery of depression.

  1. Get up and Move

Get out of bed no matter how demanding it is. Achieving physical activity when depressed is difficult. However once up, make yourself do minor things to elevate your energy. You can always go back to bed later for a nap.

Make your bed. Brush your teeth. Do the dishes. Get the mail. Read the newspaper. Feed your cat. Sit on the porch. Call people you know. Go on the computer. There are numerous minor things to settle on from. Do them all or just one or two. Of course, if you have to go to work or school then you are way ahead of the game.

  1. Get in the Shower

Taking a hot shower will wake you up and cause you to feel refreshed and clean.

Get out of your pajamas or night attire and into something you are not ashamed of wearing outside your home. When you look pleasantly, you feel worthwhile, and when you feel worthwhile, it is a self-esteem boost.

Someone once told me when you’re depressed, take a shower, and wash your troubles away. So I go with that. On many occasions, I even have hauled myself literally crying to the shower, trying to scrub away depression. There is something about crying your sadness away within the shower that creates you are feeling somewhat revived.

  1. Put On A Happy Face

Put on some make-up, fix your hair up, shave that stubble off. Sometimes, with depression, we don’t take beneficial care of ourselves as we normally would. When you feel clean, refreshed, and polished, it’s harder to think less of yourself.

By doing my hair, I add the gel and blow dry it for a moment , and that i am good to travel . My hair is wild usually. Which is fine. If it is clean, I feel better. So get going and placed on that happy face.

  1. Tidy Up

Clean up and organize you living area. When our surroundings are dark, dirty, or messy, you start to reflect that atmosphere, falling deeper into depression.

Keeping your work and lebensraum clean, well-lit, and maintained, causes you to feel good about accomplishing something.

Keep the curtains open, let the sunshine through. It’s a good way of getting your daily dose of vitamin D. I rarely shut my curtains. I have a glass slider and a bedroom window. So, whatever sun I can get i’m optimistic. So vacuum, dust, and start cleaning your house or apartment.

  1. Listen to Music

Crank up the radio, or put on a DVD and dance. Strut around the house footloose and fancy free. There are all kinds of music that will get you moving if you just motivate yourself. Irish, Latin, Salsa, Reggae and more. Find something that you can move to, something up-beat and cheerful. Something that gets you moving and motivated. Let the music guide you into a better place.

  1. No Procrastinating

Tackle something you’ve been putting off doing. Even small accomplishments start your day by giving your self-confidence the increase it needs. If you are a writer and you like to write an essay or paper, write.

Take pictures, knit, clean out the attic you’ve got been aiming to do. If I can get one article done each day , I even have accomplished something. I attempt to get a 4 page article finished a minimum of four days week. TRY being the main word. Accomplishing one activity, one day at a time.

Working Through Depression

These things are not going to work without a concentrated effort. For the steps to work you must take an active role in your depression.

Sleeping is one of the safest activities to do when you are depressed. And at times, that is all you can do. But at one point, you’re going to have to come out from under the covers and find the light. So next time you feel like you are moving into the darkness try to motivate yourself to do at least one activity to keep your mind from falling even further into the pit of darkness.