Why do I fear?

I was in a shock when I saw one of the teacher asking kids to mute themselves in an online class due to their willingness to answer. While me being a graduate in a year feeling tense to answer a known question to my faculty. How could I overcome my fear?Knowing nothing makes me feel comfortable rather than knowing something which causes me to fear about the rest half. Being a kid has more advantage rather than being a grownup.

I am just letting out my random thoughts to this question because I don’t know the answer. I am trying my way best to let my fear out. Why can’t I respond or even give a reply to a askout? I know I am overthinking the things and making my fear replicate everytime. How can I make my fear a reciprocal? Bringing all the courage in me and loosing it at the moment of requisite. All the courage goes in vain when my teacher picks a random student to answer. I didn’t know where did I left the courage that I had, when I spoke in my farewell. The courage I get back when I think of my past is temporary. Living in present by gathering the courage that I had in past to face the consequences in the future.

The fear you fear is just an illusion. The real existence of fear is a lie. The thoughts we have are just thoughts. The life we live is a dream. We rather live in thoughts and leave the present life. We should come out of the thinking life and live in present life. The thoughts make us feel about the non-existent temporary feelings. Come out of fake world and live a normal life. Everything is a feeling and the feel is temporary and it changes from time to time and make us play with it and make us mad. We are just players in the real world and play according to the coach who makes us feel about the temporary things in our thoughts. Our thoughts kill us daily.

Trying to motivate me by motivating readers by writing some stuff. Letting myself out by writing some stuff because I can’t speak it to anyone else. You might wonder that I am letting my things out to some random readers. But that might not affect me since being a unknown person to the readers. I know that I should get some motivation from my trustees but I don’t know why am I choosing the other way instead. I don’t have fear of being judged my mates because they are my mates and they don’t judge and if they do it then it can’t hurt me. I want to be confident and courageous and speak what I feel and should express the way I feel inside. The way I speak to my mates should become the way that I speak to else. I must be brave enough to speak the fact that I can’t do or I don’t know the answer. Accepting the fact of denial is the greatest contribution that one gives to him/herself.

Be brave to accept the unknown and have courage to speak the known. It’s our life and what the heck do we care of judging us. We are here to live our lives not to satisfy others. If we can’t express ourselves the way we feel about ourselves then it’s worthless to feel bad inside and destroy ourselves as a consequence of it. Be yourself both inside and outside.

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