How to make a career in Gaming?

Digital gaming has grown massively into popularity since the last decade. Competitive gaming has even become a career choice for a lot of people world wide. We all know sports exist and there are many world famous athletes all over the world who have made a lot of money and built their brand. But since the last decade on the internet there has been a rise of gamers who are taking over. 

Some of these gamers online have built a bigger brand than sports athletes. Gamers like ninja. Shroud etc are known all over the world and earn millions of dollars every year. 

Every child today wants to be an online gamer and make that his or her career. So here are some tips if you want to pursue your career as a gamer 

  1. Pick a popular game. The most popular games in the world as of now are pubg mobile. Player unknown battlegrounds, fortnite,apex legends,minecraft, counter strike global offensive etc. all of these games are extremely popular online and have given huge career opportunities to people online 
  2. Get good at the game. The one way you can make a career at anything in life is by getting good at it. So practice the game and master it so you can be one of the best gamers and build it as a career
  3. Choose a platform. There are various ways people monetise their gaming skill. Some upload videos on youtube and earn through that, some of the biggest youtubers are pewdiepie, markiplier, jacksepticeye etc. all of these youtubers are world famous and earn millions every year doing what they love. Other than youtube some gamers focus on streaming live. Platforms like youtube live and twitch give a great opportunity to creators to show off their skill to a live audience and grow that way. Some of the big streamers in the world are ninja, shroud, pokimane etc. another option would be professional gaming. Some gamers compete worldwide and build themselves by repres their team and even country. For example scoutop of india represented india in pubg mobile world championship 2018. 
  4. Hustle- making a career as a gamer is very uncertain as there is a huge huge amount of competition worldwide and the success takes a hefty amount of time and effort. Most people quit trying after if they do not see any success after a couple of months. One has to be consistent and hardworking in order to make gaming and entertainment online a career. 
  5. Start as a hobby- if one wants to make gaming their career the best advice would be to start it as a hobby and really enjoy it. If you start on any platform with the sole intention to make money you will never succeed. Your gold should be to enjoy yourself and entertain others. 

 Following all these tips and being consistent gives you a very high chance of making it as a gamer and making what you love the most a career. So grab your devices and start hustling. 


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