Diversity of India

India is one of the richest country when it comes to culture. It’s each state represents a unique culture. It has different religion of people who has their very own unique and different culture. Everyone has different style of dressing, food, different god & methodology to worship, different customs, different languages.

Indian constitution itself recognises 22 official languages spoken in india, while there are many other languages which are spoken too in india.

In south india people genrally speaks Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam language. Their women’s wear silk, cotton and kalamkari sarees, long skirt and blouse while men’s wear shirt, dhoti, Pancha, lungi and pants. Dosa, idli, vada, uttapam are some of the famous dishes there. Bharatanatyam, mathak, kuchipudi, odissi, kathakali, sattriya, manipuri and mohiniyattam are some of the famous dance forms of South India.

In north India people generally speaks Hindi, punjabi, kashmiri. Their women’s wear saree, salwar suits, pherans, ghagra choli and men’s wears kurta, pajama, turban, pathani suits, shirt. Chole bature, palak paneer, dal makhni, daal baati are some of the famous dishes there. Khatak, bhangra, rouf are the dance forms of North India.

In west india people speaks gujrati, rajashtani, marathi launguages. Their women wears chaniya choli, ghagra, nauwari saree, and men’s wear kurta pajama, dhotar, kurta pajama. Vada pav, bhelpuri, pav bhaji, khaman dhokla, jalebi, puran poli are the famous dishes there. Garbha, ghoomar, lavani are the dance forms of west india.

In east India people speaks maithili, bengali, mizo, assamese and odia. Their women wears angami, Dumvum, Sanatpuri style saree, men’s wear Jymphong, dhoti, pajama. Pitha, smoked pork, Kelli chala, khar, rasgulla are some of the popular food there. Manipuri, odissi, bihu, Sattriya  are the dance forms of East india.

There are different festivals in india but each and every people celebrates them together with full rituals, customs and enjoyment. That’s the beauty of india, people has different customs but everyone respects each other’s custom and celebrates and lives together.

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