Escapism is the tendency to find as escape from the real world amidst the monotonous complexities of our daily lives. Escapist approach aims at bringing about a sense of peace and harmony that helps us to move forward.

Considering the growing digital advancements of this era, it is clearly visible how often people find it necessary to have a time off from their real world. Taking some off from the virtual world is also very important to keep our sanity intact. The world is going through a difficult time and everyone at some point or the other feels the need to take a break from the digital, virtual, societal and environmental world in order to find inner peace that is nowhere but within ourselves. With the hectic daily schedules of our lives we often forget to take spend some time with ourselves but at the end of the day it is this off time that boosts our psychological immunity and makes us strong enough to return to our real world with a lot more positive energy and enthusiasm.

Different people follow different escapist methods. For some people, music, movies or other means of entertainment serves the purpose and some people take up reading and writing to be their escapist mechanism. Meditation, on the other hand is a really remarkable method that calms our mind and serves the purpose in a more scientific way than the other methods. However, the tendency to take up escapist methodologies in order to find solace can lead to a huge amount of procrastination that affects our flow of life in a bad way.

Sigmund Freud believed an escapist fantasy to be a necessary element in the life of humans and similarly J.R.R Tolkien while talking about escapism in Popular Literature mentioned how an escapist approach gives birth to a secondary imaginary world that works as a driving force in a natural way in our lives. Many critics have argued how Escapism is an art and how the constant practice of Escapism can lead us to create a parallel reality beyond our mortal and physical world.

Escapism is not only an avoidance of the inevitable. It is a tendency that aims at negotiating between the real and the imaginary in a subtle yet an effective manner which leads to creating an otherwise real/parallel dimension.
However, there have also been critics and experimentalists who have studied Escapism and its probable consequences in human life. Many of them consider an excessive practice of Escapism to be a harmful one. One of them is Lyn Reed who studied Escapist ideologies and eventually came to the conclusion that although many people try seeking peace and normalcy in an alternative imaginary world, an excessive practice of escapism can bring about negative effects in human lives. It indeed serves a purpose of being a coping mechanism for many, but it can also be harmful for some who simply choose it to be the only way to deal with their complex reality.

-Suvasree Bandyopadhyay

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  1. Escapism is one of my favorite topics. It really helps people to stay positive and happy. I totally agree to all the points raised by you. ✌️