Everyone will die someday

We came alone, we die alone, atleast try to live together. If we can’t die together, atleast try to live together.Live the life the way you want. Go make your life. Become the creators of your life.Who are we to stop it? The way you willed your life will not be the way you willed your death. Who are you to stop your breath? If you have a will to die, then there must be a way to live. Willingness to find a way to live is the way to stop the willingness to die. Everyone will have a unknown side and the their perspective of truth to it. Everyone are right untill we left with nothing. Try to bring out the unknown story of your mates. Try to fix it together.

We only know what we had to know. We never know the things that is hidden. We are allowed to know the known because we had to know the known. We will never know the unknown because it’s unknown. The unknown will be unknown because we never know it’s existence. The known will be known because it’s known. But knowing unknown is impossible. We cannot know what’s running is others mind. They may look normal because they try to be normal. Even our close ones will hide something from us. Secret is intended to be secret. They share happiness with us but why can’t they share their hopelessness and sorrow. We are here to share their pains not their cherishing moments. Hide your bearings but not your feelings. Try to help your friend to get out from suicidal phase and bring back him to lead normal life. We are together the every moment we live. Friends become enemies for a silly reason. Why can’t enemies become our friends. Life is short, so leave your anger and become friends with every possible fellow. We don’t know the time we leave this life. Live your full-fledged life until you live. Try to stop giving false promises because promises are always kept after death. Promises become worthless. Don’t ever promise because they restrict our life. Who are we to decide the borders of our life and kill the way we want to live.

You can’t feel jealous of your mate because he got awesome salary package. You can’t feel stupid of yourself because your mate married to someone he loves unlike you. You can’t be yourself, once you are not yourself. Try to be happy for others too. Don’t loose yourself, anyway you are going to loose it once you die. Don’t try to compare yourself because everyone will die someday. Feelings will change with time. We die with time. The only thing that matters the most is the way we life. Everyone lives the life but not the way everyone desires it to be lived. We have control over our life. We are the drivers of our life. Neither Driving safely doesn’t ensure you to life permanently not driving speedly ensure you the quick death. The time decides everything. But be careful and don’t neglect your life. It’s ok not to have a happy life because happiness is not often remembered but having sad life is so sad because sadness is never forgettable.

You are here not for her. You are here not to hear some rubbish. You are here to speak to you. Neither give advices nor take it because no one listens to us because we listen to none. Just let it out what you want to. Live it up how you want. The person who talks about you will also die some other day. People forget very soon. We are not to impress others. Expression is an impression that imprints a temporary feeling. Everything is forgotten because everyone will die. People try to be some other people rather than being themselves for the people who will die some day. You too will die someday. Don’t die from the moment you try to be somebody. Live your life until you die. Death can never be stopped. Death cannot be escaped then why come you trying to leave your life and living a fake one for your family. Remeber your family too dies one day. Everyone are temporary except you for you. Being you in your life is the only thing that makes you happy.

The worst death is not living your life by not being you. You die the moment you stopped being you. The life you live after that is lifeless.