Govt fails in controlling virus, may be lockdown re- imposed on us.

As We all know the cases of corona virus were not slowed down in the past days, it is now alarming the government to finish the Unlocking stage and just going to re-imposed lockdown on us. Yes, Maharashtra Government also saying this. Their Chief Minister requesting people to please take all the precautions seriously, and if they doesn’t ensure the safety ,so for them, govt will have to take a difficult action which is lockdown.

It is difficult because lockdown makes the economy down and many workers and daily labourers just in we mployed through it. And we all know that it is very difficult for state and as well as central government to feed everyone of them. And in past months, we had really seen the pictures of them too.

So, lockdown may be helpful in controlling of Covid-19 but it has several bad effects on whole nation. So we all had to understand the today’s situation seriously and follow all the precautions related to this Virus…

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