Kota Factory

TVF is a start-up studio- start-up being the qualifying word. They are a group of nerds- almost all with a career of academic excellence venturing into entertainment business. They did not come with a lot of money, so they could not make movies or traditional TV serials. But they had passion of acting, they had creativity and they had stories to tell. They have created many single videos or short series. They did not have money to distribute them to theaters or to buy slots on TV channels. So they chose creative platforms, they released their content on online platforms like YouTube and mobile app- way before these media became cool or the best way out when the global pandemic due to the Chinese Corona Virus- COVID has hit the world leading to prolonged closure of theaters.

And all their passion, all their effort, all their sacrifice of leaving their lucrative cash cow careers did not go in vain at all. TVF has produced number of gems. Their work has gained recognition and they are getting partners and sponsors to produce content as well. One such gem that they produced was “Kota Factory” which was produced by one indigenous online learning platform “Unacademy”.

The series was premiered on YouTube and TVF Play app simultaneously on 16th April 2019. This was also first black and white web-series in India. The series follows a young IIT aspirant from a small town of Madhya Pradesh (Itarsi) arriving to Kota in mid-year of 11th. Kota has become a premier destination of IIT aspirants in the real world as well in last 2-3 decades. Jitendra Kumar is a pivotal character on the show- “Jeetu Bhaiya” an Physics teacher at the institute. The show was primarily comedy but it touched all the right cords and touched many hearts. In a country obsessed with engineering, almost all students have gone through a similar life of lifelessness, struggle and endless pressure to perform. So, it should not at all surprise anyone that the show got 9.1 rating on the IMDB.

The plot is very simple and all student would connect with it. Vaibhav took admission in his town Itarsi. He started coaching there itself. He thought he was but 4-5 months later he realizes or rather his parents realize that his preparation is not sufficiently sound. Way out? Head to the Mecca of IIT entrance- Kota. Even admission to the top Kota institute was not so easy. Despite having a recommendation by the minister, the preferred institute denies admission in middle of the year. Vaibhav has to settle for his second choice. Already a sinking feeling… the series captures the emotion beautifully. Imagine a test which is 2 years way, but you are losing every second. Every student has this feeling when they settle for a different book, a different teacher. They question their each decision.

IIT entrance has become a high pressure game. Young hearts and minds suffer so much. Away from family and friends grinding 24×7 to win a mirage! And the coaching institutes contribute their share to build this pressure further. To them each student is like a product. They add on features/chapters/concepts like factories do on assembly line. Kota has truly become a heartless factory of producing IITians. A well-presented world from TVF.

Muchas Gracias!

Pic Credit:Sawarajya