Online shopping:E-Commerce Websites reigning the world!

It has become a part of each and every household, be it shopping for groceries, accessories, textbooks or even clothes, just by clicking a few buttons one has everything available at their doorstep, it has made our lives hassle free and is the way to live in this new age where technology is a boon for us. This is one of the best ways to shop especially in times where we have become used to our sedentary lifestyle where we can access everything from the comfort of our homes.

When it comes to clothing and other products we have thousands of e-commerce sites offering some of the best quality products, the features which the online shopping website offers such as product description, price ranges, reviews, image of the products etc. makes e shopping an easy and fun task, the user friendly applications and the easy return policies really can do a lot benefits in this fast and furious life and also one of the biggest benefits it offers is that one has many options to choose from.

One of the other amazing boons it offers is the comparison of the products, which is not tiring at all like it is in real life when it comes to the payment of the product  be it pay on delivery, card, cash, or payment apps such as google pay– this option really eases our shopping. Some of the most famous online shopping companies are eg. – myntra, Amazon, Tata cliq etc..

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Even when it comes to stationeries, reference books, textbooks and other such items sites like Amazon are always at you rescue, The amazing thing is that it allows the buyer to know whether the product is in stock or not, where unlike in reality if one goes to a store to buy a certain textbook and finds out its out of stock it really can be irritating as it is a waste of energy and time.

Many online websites offer medical consultation as well via phone calls, WhatsApp or even video calls, this can really be a good option for senior citizens who are unable to visit clinics or hospital, similarly many e-commerce websites offer delivery of medicines at one’s doorstep which is an economical option to choose and they give one a good guarantee over the quality.

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Many websites which allow one to sell vehicles, furniture, books and much more, this is a great initiative as one can sell the product to someone who is in need of it and the seller can look forward to buying another products. This healthy cycle between the buyer and the seller continues. This exposes one to the whole business of online selling as well and how to make deals. There are many e-commerce sites which allow you to sell your old products.

In these crucial times where COVID-19 has restricted our movement, grocery delivery e-commerce sites like Grofers, Dunzo, Zomato and Big Basket have been saviours and are delivering all the essential goods in a quick amount of time near our doorsteps.

But one needs to check the safety, security and assurance of the product before buying.

  1. To check the guarantee of the product and the seller, to check the reviews and to check the seller’s information as well as other important details.
  2. One should also check the price of the product to know if it’s fake or not, many counterfeit cosmetic products are sold at low prices or the same price, one should also check the images available of the product. One should also check the ratings of the product.
  3. Installing anti-virus applications on your computer or phone will help keep the bugs at bay.
  4. To only buy from online shopping apps which you have trust over and not be lured by the offers which unknown websites give out.
  5. A lot of times to one has to check  the vendor in case of buying or check the buyer in case of selling used products as many fraudsters out their can take advantage of the deals and can do damage by hacking your personal information and much more.

Online shopping truly has been a benediction for us and will continue to reign at the top.

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