Swacch Bharat Abhiyan: Take initiative to keep your surrounding clean..

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is the most significant cleanliness campaign by government of India. It is an initiative taken to clean our country.

But apart from it what the government is doing, it is the duty of each one of us to keep our surrounding clean. Whenever we go out we see piles of litter are present on the sides of the road, in water bodies due to which the clear water bodies is changing into drains. Any empty plot in our colony is filled with the garbage. So, inshort garbage is present everywhere.

So, if each of us will not take initiative to clean our surrounding or not to threw garbage here and there, then only we will be able to clean our country

So there are some steps through which we are able to make our environment clean:

  1. Always keep a bag with you- Whenever you are travelling in your car or in any public transport or went to a vacation, always keep a bag, with you, and whenever you eat something keep the waste in that bag and throw it when you back home or wherever you find a dustbin, don’t throw it here and there on road. If each one of us will do this, one day will come when there is no garbage present on the road.
  2. Refuse single-use items- Try to replace single use items. Take your own containers for leftovers and refuse disposable cutlery. Also refuse the use of plastic straws in shops. If you want to use straws, take your own straws or go for biodegradable straw. Similarly bring your own mugs to coffee shops as regular disposable cups leads to lots of waste.
  3. Use Cloth bags- Always bring cloth bag to grocery stores or wherever you go for shopping and avoid the use of disposable bags which creates lots of waste.
  4. Use reusable water bottle- Instead of using single-use plastic, use water bottles which you can reuse, it will save your money too.
  5. Put your waste on right place- Always use different bins to separate waste. Peels of fruits and vegetables and other biodegradable waste should be put in one bin which can be used as a compost for farming. Waste which are recyclable are put in another so that we can recycle these waste. And after that we will be only left with non- biodegradable waste. So in this way you can minimise your waste

So these are some small steps which can bring a big change. So start applying these steps in your life and help to make our country clean.

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